9 Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Ideas and Favors

Plan a bachelor or bachelorette party all of your guests will enjoy with a few fun treats and easy-to-make decorations.

By: Something Turquoise

"Bachelorette Bubbles" Party Invitation

Invite your besties to your bachelorette party in a sparkling way. Give them a personalized bottle of sparkling wine or champagne; it is a gift that doubles as an invitation. They're easy to make. Download the editable template, customize, print the labels onto sticker paper, cut out and then apply to each bottle. Soak the bottles to remove existing labels or put your label right on top.

Mason Jar "Trail Mix" Favors

Looking for a tasty favor for your bachelor or bachelorette party? Make custom trail mix and then package them in mason jars. Depending on your type of party, include healthy, savory or sweet ingredients. For our parties the girls got a mix of yogurt-covered pretzels, jelly beans, raw cashews, walnuts, and white chocolate popcorn. The guys got a mix of roasted almonds and walnuts, caramel popcorn, M&Ms, and peanut-butter filled pretzels. Download the fun labels and print them on colored paper. The template works perfect with a 16-ounce jar. The guys label reads “It’s time to get nuts” and the girls label reads “I’m nuts about you”.

"Bachelor Brew" Party Invitation

What better way to invite guys to a bachelor party then a bottle of beer. It is a gift that doubles as an invitation. The best part -- we’ve done all the work for you. Just download the label, edit and print the label onto sticker paper, cut out and apply to a 22-ounce bottle. Soak the bottles to remove existing labels or put your label right on top.

Glittered Engagement Ring Banner

We say YES to this giant diamond ring banner; the perfect decor for a bachelorette party or bridal shower. It is easy to make and so sparkly sweet. You will need glitter paper, eyelets, an eyelet setter, ribbon and scrapbooking adhesive. Download the diamond shape and the ring shape, print, and then cut out the diamonds. Attach each circle to the diamond using scrapbooking adhesive. Set an eyelet in each ring then insert the ribbon or tulle through the eyelet hole. Hang and celebrate!

Travel Shots

Do you know where your bachelor or bachelorette party is headed? Even if you have a plan for the evening, things might change! That’s why you need to make travel shots to bring along. This way you can keep the party going no matter where you end up. Perfectly proportioned shots of your favorite cocktail, adorned with an awesome label that reads: “Ask me if I want a SHOT, I’m practicing saying I Do!”. Download these labels (green or pink), print them onto sticker paper and cut out using a 1-inch circle punch.

Beer Pong Favor Kit

Every single dude on the planet would be stoked to receive this beer pong kit. Make these beer-tastic favors in a snap using: one beer, three red Solo cups, three Ping-Pong balls, a cellophane bag and electrical tape. Print our free beer pong kit labels onto sticker paper, cut out and place onto the cup.

"Let's Paint the Town Red" Bachelorette Favor Bucket

Looking to make super special ‘bachelorette party kits’ for your favorite gals? If your party is going to be a bit on the wild side this “let’s paint the town red!” favor bucket will be the perfect fit. Using that play on words, fill a paint bucket gift container with much needed items for your event like hair spray, pain killers, mini alcohol bottles, lipstick and nail polish. Download our super cute label, edit and print them on sticker paper to finish off this darling gift.

Mini Red Solo Cup Twinkle Lights

The red Solo cup is every guy’s favorite so use mini shot-glass-size versions to make a strand of party lights. Simply use a utility knife to cut an X through the bottom of the cup then pop a bulb through the hole. We used a battery-operated strand so that it can be displayed anywhere - in the limo, in a bar, on a boat, in a garage or wherever the party is.

"We Kissed the Miss Goodbye" Framed Sign

This is the perfect parting gift for the bride-to-be. Download this darling design, print and frame it with a large matte. We also added a piece of glitter paper behind the design for a bit of bling. Then have all the bachelorette (or bridal shower) party attendees kiss the matte with lipstick-laden lips. It will be a wonderful memento for the bride and the perfect way to propel her into being a Mrs!

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