Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Create a Baby Food Making Kit

Know someone who’s expecting? Give her a kit that contains everything she’ll need to make fresh, flavorful, nutrient-rich baby food at home.
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Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Taste the Difference

During the first year, a baby’s taste buds become increasingly more complex and sophisticated. But with squeeze packs and jarred baby food ubiquitous these days, convenience often takes precedence over nutrition and palette development. Make it easy for your favorite mom-to-be to make yummy, healthy food for her baby.

By the Book

Help your mom-to-be get off to a successful start by including a few specialty cookbooks in her kit. Since making your own baby food is all about experimenting with different textures and flavor combinations, consider these books to be a starting point. Encourage the expecting mother to add or subtract ingredients from any recipe, depending on what baby is loving or needing at the time. Wrap a long piece of twine around the books, and tie in a bow for a sweet presentation.

Tool Time

No matter what’s on the menu, there are a few kitchen utensils that are always useful beyond measure. A masher works to soften fresh fruit and roasted vegetables into a palatable puree, while a rubber spatula is perfect for stirring, spooning or spreading. Of course, plastic mixing bowls in a variety of sizes are not only practical, but the bright colors will add a gorgeous pop to your gift basket.

Ice, Ice Baby

Since babies need to eat every few hours, making fresh food for each meal can often feel time intensive and laborious. However, by making large batches of food at once and freezing individual portions, mom can cut back on her prep time considerably. The perfect solution is a rubber ice tray that is divided into small compartments for easy rationing. Its pliable material allows you to easily pop out the frozen food. Simply heat up the portion, and it’s ready to go!

Keep It Clean

When babies and cooking are combined, a clean kitchen can turn into a disaster zone in the blink of an eye. Help your friend manage the chaos by gifting her with dish and hand towels galore. After all, when you’re facing sticky countertops and messy faces, you can never have too many. Fold into squares, pile into stacks, and tie with a thin ribbon for easy packaging.

A Subtle Embellishment

Prepare to package all your baby food making supplies into a large wire crate, but not before you’ve added a touch of trimming. Measure and cut a wide burlap ribbon to fit the crate, and weave through the grating until wrapped completely around the basket. Trim off any excess ribbon, tuck in any loose ends, and ta-dah! Your utilitarian container is instantly transformed into a decorative gift basket that can be repurposed for kitchen organization long after the baby shower.

Leave Your Mark

Perfect for anyone who hasn’t yet mastered calligraphy, alphabet stamps turn any tag or envelope into a polished adornment. Hand stamp “Baby Food Making Kit” onto one side of the tag to identify the basket, and stamp your name on the other to let the guest of honor know who the gift is from.

The Sum of Its Parts

Spend time playing with the contents of your baby food making kit until they’re arranged just right. Place larger items in the back so they can be easily seen, and leave smaller items like the spatula and masher for last, as they can be inserted almost anywhere. Tie on the gift tag with twine, and prepare to see your friend’s eyes light up when she receives her thoughtful gift!

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