Baby Shower Gift Idea: Create a Baby Feeding Kit

We'll show you how to gift your favorite mom-to-be with a kit that includes everything she’ll need for feeding her infant.
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Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Photo By: Melanie Grizzel

Stocking Up on Essentials

Whether it’s nursing or feeding from a bottle, feeding time is always one of the most special bonding times between a mother and baby, so she’ll love stocking her cabinets with all the necessities.

Straight From the Bottle

Bottle feeding requires a high-quality, BPA-free bottle, plus a few necessities for properly cleaning it after each use. A bottle brush with a combination sponge and bristle head will thoroughly clean every nook and cranny, and a countertop drying rack will ensure that a bottle is at the ready and in easy reach. Bonus points if it comes in this mood-enhancing shade of green!

Nursing Necessities

Especially for first-time moms, nursing can be fraught with challenges, but a little advanced planning can make the process much smoother. A guidebook like What to Expect When You’re Expecting is bursting with practical details that will aid in those first days of nursing. Nursing pads and Lansinoh cream are two necessities that any nursing mom will be thrilled to have on hand.

String It On

Be sure to include a couple of BPA-free infant pacifiers — your mama friend will certainly thank you. In order to keep these tiny items from getting lost in the mix, string them onto some pretty neutral ribbon, and then tie it around the nursing pillow for a cute decorative accent.

Roll It Up

Swaddle blankets are a mom’s best friend when it comes to feeding time. They’re one of the most versatile items in the nursery. A lightweight muslin is breathable, soft and perfect for using as a nursing blanket, changing table cover or burp cloth. Roll it up before tucking into the basket; it looks cute and serves as padding to prop up some of the smaller items.

Pass the Stuffing

Once you’ve added all the items to the basket, use shredded paper or wood fibers (available in gift wrap departments) to add padding wherever needed. Ideally, all the items should be fairly upright in the basket without sinking, so that when you present the gift, the recipient can quickly see all the wonderful contents inside. Don’t try to be too perfect with this step; simply take liberal handfuls of shreds and stuff, stuff, stuff!

Tag, You're It!

Print or handwrite a message onto a paper gift tag (sign your name on the back), punch a hole, and run a long strand of twine through it. Tie onto the basket handle to keep it securely attached to the gift at the party. In a sea of presents, you want to make sure that the mom-to-be knows exactly who put together such a delightful gift.

Put a Bow on It

I love the ethereal look of tulle netting, and it’s the perfect light and airy touch for a baby shower. Pick up a roll of wide tulle ribbon at a craft supply store. Then weave a long strip of it through both basket handles and across the middle. Finally, tie a loose, fluffy bow onto one basket handle — it’s all the wrapping you’ll need.

All Packed Up

Take a step back, and admire your handiwork, making any adjustments necessary for a balanced, pretty presentation. The big basket will undoubtedly become an often-used addition to the nursery, great for corralling diapers or stuffed animals.

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