7 Ways to Craft a Lovely Mother’s Day Brunch

Incorporate a few of her favorite things, add a dash of vintage charm and few sweet crafts to throw a Mother’s Day brunch that is meaningful and memorable.

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio ©2016

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Plan a Menu She’ll Adore

Do you have access to Mom’s – or Grandma’s – favorite cookbook? Pull recipes from her past into the present, and serve up special dishes she may have forgotten that she loved. Chances are, you might find something that becomes a new family favorite, and you’ll certainly enjoy perusing old cookbooks for both the recipes and the vintage artwork. Don’t forget to offer Mom a brunch cocktail (the Mom-osa, obviously)!

Cut a Colorful, Cursive Banner

If you haven’t tried cursive bubble letters before, here’s a good opportunity to brush up on your penmanship and get crafty. Decorative and full of interpretation and potential, a banner can dress up an ordinary brunch or serve as a backdrop for family photos. Accent the paper with watercolors and display it over your serving area.

Craft Miniature Paper Bouquets

Coffee filter and cupcake wrappers trim and fold easily to form simple paper bouquets. Use a dot of hot glue to curl and secure the shape of the petals and then add a small piece of crumpled paper for the center of each flower. Bud vases display these petite blossoms nicely, and they won’t take up much space on your buffet or as centerpieces.

Use Vintage Accents to Honor Every Generation

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to bring out the treasured, inherited keepsakes. Honor your Mom and all of the ones before her by using dishes, linens and special items that will trigger good memories. (My grandmother had butterflies and birds all over her home; that little butterfly used to be pinned to a picture frame in her dining room.)

Make a Book of Photographs

Create a keepsake of photographs that she can take home. Maybe it’s photos of the grandkids from the last 12 months or a collection of photos from her own childhood. Make it an annual tradition that you’ll all value. Binding your own book is actually pretty easy, learn how to make one here.

Start Seeds For Mom’s Garden

Seed start herbs in tiny pots now and you’ll have sprouts in time for your Mother’s Day brunch. If you choose tiny terra cotta pots, let the grandchildren use porcelain paints to decorate these gifts. The paint hardens permanently once it’s baked in the oven, and can be used year after year. For more thoughtful gifts, peruse this gallery on HGTV.com.

Break Out Her Favorite Party Games

A deck of cards and coffee table games are easy to incorporate into your Mother’s Day table spread, and if you’re hosting a large group it’ll be welcomed entertainment that engages mothers and children of all ages.

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