7 Clever Ways to Store Christmas Decorations With Upcycled Items

Corral your holiday decor orderly and inexpensively by repurposing everyday items to keep your treasured ornaments safe.

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©Marc Kelly

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©Marc Kelly

Mini Traffic Cones

Small 6” cones can be purchased at many office supply stores and online. Wrap strands of lights in a figure-eight pattern around two cones and save yourself a lot of hassle next year.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are soft, flexible and inexpensive. They can adapt to your ornaments shape, keeping them perky and perfect for next year’s use.

Beverage Trays

That’s a latte storage! Don’t throw away your beverage trays. They make great cradles for delicate ornaments. Because they’re mobile, they’re also very handy when decorating the tree. Now you don’t have to return to the bin after each ornament.

Cup Sleeves

Another treasure from the coffee shop, hot cup sleeves provide fantastic protection around ornaments. No more nicks or scratches from two pieces bumping into one another.

Egg Cartons

Eggsellent storage idea: Egg cartons protect small round ornaments and can also be very convenient catch-alls for those tiny ornament hooks.

Tennis Ball Containers

Love all around. If you (or your fur child) love tennis balls, save that container. They are perfect for storing small baubles and bells. Score!

Garment Bag

Hang on a second. Children’s garment bags are a smart way to store wreaths or other wall-hanging holiday decor. Especially useful for things that might shed sparkles or spruce needles if they’re jostled too much.

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