Handmade Christmas

Handmade Christmas stockings are a tradition many families keep during the season and they beat store-bought stockings any day of the year. Just turn on that Christmas music, brew some hot cocoa and get the kids involved.

Step 1

Santa's Boot

Cut out various shapes from the felt. To make it look like Santa’s boot, I simply cut a black belt shape. To add a little more bling and jingle, tie two bells together on each end of a piece of embroidery thread.

Remove the backing on the sticky felt, and press it firmly down directly onto the stocking. Tie the bells onto the stocking loop, and you are finished.

Step 2

Flower Power

Want to add felt flowers to your stocking? Simply cut a piece of sticky-back felt into a circle shape. Then cut a large spiral throughout the entire circle. Remove the sticky back from the felt. Start curving the spiral around itself, with the center of the circle in the very middle.

Press the flowers firmly onto the stocking, and add additional decorations if desired. For a stronger hold, add a little glue onto the back of each decoration and let dry.

Step 3

Polka Dots

This last stocking was completely designed by my daughter, and I couldn’t be more proud! She decided she wanted a polka-dot stocking. Simply cut out lots of circles from the felt. Peel off the sticky back, and press firmly onto the stocking in various places.

Easy No-Sew Felt Stocking 02:25

Fusible bonding makes this felt Christmas stocking an easy no-sew project.