20 Creative DIY Wedding Guest Books

Forego the traditional guest book and let your wedding guests share their words of wisdom and sentiments in a fun and creative way.

August 27, 2019
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Guest Quilt

Gather fabric squares in your favorite patterns and a few permanent markers for guests to write their message to the happy couple. After the wedding, have a family member or sewing shop put together the pieces to make a quilt that will be cherished for years to come.

DIY Puzzle Guestbook

Upcycle an old puzzle into a one-of-a-kind guest book you can take apart and put back together every anniversary.

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Polaroid Memories

It’s hard to remember everyone who attended your wedding. Turn a plain book into a photo book where guests can snap a picture with a Polaroid and write a personal message to the newlyweds. Down the road, you’ll enjoy flipping through the snapshots of your family and friends.

Sign Their Names...On Your Name

Create one-of-a-kind signage for your new home with this interactive guest sign-in using basic chipboard letters and acrylic paint.

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Wood-Burned Tree Slice

Visit your local craft store to find a tree slice for your guests to sign. Consider adding your wedding date and a personalized decoration using a wood burning kit. Provide pens or fine point permanent markers and include a large sign like this gilded mirror so guests know where to leave their message.

Wine Bottle

For the wine connoisseurs, select your favorite bottle for guests to write on with a gold or silver permanent marker. When you open it is up to you, but it could be a neat memory to open the bottle on your first anniversary. Once the bottle is empty, rinse with soap and water, let it dry and display on a mantel or bookshelf as a keepsake.

Faux Pumpkin

Perfect for a fall wedding, a faux pumpkin or funkin is a cute and easy idea to master. Glam up the pumpkin with gold glitter on the stem, fill a jar with colorful permanent markers and use a smaller funkin to let guests know what to sign. Get the step-by-step instructions here >>

Vintage Typewriter

Go old school and have guests type out their best wishes with a vintage typewriter. Use an antique box or suitcase to hold the love notes. It’s likely you have a grandparent or relative with a typewriter you can borrow. If not, search thrift stores and antique shops to find the perfect one.

Jenga Blocks

Turn your guest book into a game of Jenga for your guests by having them sign a wooden block and putting it back without knocking down the other blocks. Even after the wedding, you will have a fun backyard game to play with your new spouse, family and friends.

Personalized Postcards

Order customized postcards or collect postcards from the different places you visit to make this unique guest book idea. Have guests pin up their postcard or set up three boxes for guests to write their words of advice for the one year, five year and ten year anniversary. Get the step-by-step instructions here >>

Recipe Cards

Love to cook? Instead of writing down their words of wisdom and congratulations, have loved ones write down their favorite recipe and put it in a recipe box. To keep the cards organized, use labels to separate appetizers, main courses, beverages and desserts.

Personalized Photo Book

Turn your engagement photos into a custom photo book for guests to flip through and express their well wishes. Keep the book on a coffee table or entry table to look back on as the years go by.

Travel Map

For the adventurous couple who loves to travel, use an old map for guests to sign on and give their thoughts on where to travel to next. Frame a clever guest book sign like this free printable chalkboard sign for the finishing touch.

Message in a Bottle

Receive words of wisdom from family and friends for the first five years of marriage. A five tier wine rack holds a bottle for each year. Simply have your guests write out their message, roll it up and put it in the bottle of their choice. Get the free printable designs and step-by-step instructions here >>

Vinyl Records

Bring in a retro vibe to the reception with vinyl records for guests to sign. Metallic permanent markers such as gold and silver work best for readability. Enjoy listening to your favorite tunes from your autographed records or display them in a fun way in your home.

Keys to Success

There are many great DIY projects using shipping pallets. Why not use one for your wedding guest book? Let friends and family share their “keys to success” on paper tags attached with small keys that can be found at your local craft store. Be sure to add nails to the pallet so there’s a place for the tags to hang.

All Around the World

Give a basic desktop globe a creative update by turning it into a guest book. Ask friends and family to sign on locations they think you should travel as a new couple.

Address Book

Simplify your life after the wedding and opt for an address guest book to help you when it comes time to send those thank you notes. Plus, it’s a great keepsake for you to send Christmas cards and special announcements down the road. Get the free printable designs and step-by-step instructions here >>

"Wood" You Sign Our Guest Book?

This creative couple asked their wedding guests for their autographs on a beautiful wooden sign handmade by the bride's dad. Framed directions next to the sign and said, “Without you here, it would not be the same. Help us remember by signing your name.”

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Wooden Hearts

Make a cute display of small wooden hearts for loved ones to sign. Even after the wedding, these can be arranged as part of your home decor in a galvanized bucket or showcased in a shadow box on the wall. What a sweet memento to remember a special day.

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