30 Themed Easter Baskets That Aren't Filled With Candy

Think beyond candy, and surprise your kids with baskets filled with their favorite toys, hobbies and crafts.

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer M.Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer M.Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer M.Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

Photo By: Jennifer M.Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer Perkins

For the Jokester

Aspiring comedians will appreciate a basket full of practical jokes and prank-inspired fun this Easter. Include items like disguise glasses, whoopee cushions and quirky games and toys.

For the Game Lover

Keep the kids entertained well beyond Easter with a basket full of miniature tabletop games like pool, darts and more.

For the Sports Lover

No need for your little one to pick a favorite sport with this Easter basket. Fill a basket with miniature balls and bats, coloring books and even eggs that look like soccer balls. Don't forget to pick a sports-themed basket. If you can't find one, decorate a plain basket with sports stickers.

For the Artist

No matter the age, clay is always a great Easter basket theme. Little kids never tire of colorful play dough, and older kids will love making their own creations with air dry or oven-baked clay.

For the Glitz and Glam

For the kid that believes the more sparkle the better, gift all things glitter. Sequined hair bows, shimmering Easter eggs and chalk with glitter are great additions.

For a Day of Relaxation

This basket can be for both adults and kids. Fill it with bubble bath soap, eye masks, aromatherapy candles and other therapeutic items. Travel-sized masks and scrubs fit perfectly inside plastic Easter eggs.

For the Road Tripper

Vacation plans on the agenda for summer? Let the Easter bunny plan ahead with this basket full of travel-themed games. We included portable games, a vacation journal and a USA map puzzle.

For the Magician

Let kids pretend to pull a rabbit out of this magic-filled Easter basket. Magic kits are readily available, and a few additions like a masquerade mask round things out.

For Your Kid on the Spectrum

Fill a basket with their favorite items, and include emotion cards, fidget toys and chewy oral motor tools.

For the Ice Cream Lover

I scream, you scream, the kids will scream for this ice cream-themed Easter basket. You can't include actual ice cream in this basket, but fill it with cute stickers, colorful crayons, flavored lip gloss and other ice cream-themed favorites.

For the Garden Lover

Easter and spring go hand in hand, so it is the perfect time to start thinking about gardening. Inspire your kids to use their green thumbs with a garden-inspired basket. Fill the basket with gloves and tools, and place seed packets inside plastic eggs.

For Your Fur Baby

Don't forget your fur kids this Easter. Fun filler ideas include a new bowl, snazzy collar, chew toys, grooming tools and most importantly, their favorite treats.

For the Dinosaur Lover

A dinosaur-themed basket is easy to put together. Fill with dinosaur-themed puzzles, coloring books and stickers, and include dinosaur eggs for your kids to explore with. To make the eggs, mix together 1 cup flour, 1 cup dry coffee grounds and 1 cup salt. Add 1/2 cup water a little at a time to form a clay-like consistency. Shape into an oval, and place a toy dinosaur inside. Add more of the mixture on top of the toy dinosaur, and shape into an egg. Let dry for several days, flipping over halfway through.

For the Dump Truck Lover

Why would the Easter bunny bring a basket when he could bring a dump truck instead? Fill the truck with smaller toy cars and Easter eggs.

For the Baker

Do your kids love all things dessert? Fill their basket with cupcake-themed items like lip gloss, ear buds and erasers. Complete the basket with pastel-colored baking tools.

For the Chalk Artist

Chalk now comes in every color of the rainbow and comes in different forms like paint, tape, glittered and neon. Fill a basket or pail with a variation for an endless amount of fun.

For the Creative

Fill a basket (or a jumbo egg) with all things that glow including toy dinosaurs and Silly Putty.

For the Crafty

Crayons, markers and paint provide plenty of activities on Easter day. For older children, fill the basket with water-soluble crayons, tie-dye kits, decoupage medium and jewelry-making kits.

For the Scientist

Include fun, educational activities in your kid's Easter basket. Add their favorite science kit, books and all the materials for a homemade volcano.

For the Bubble Lover

Bubbles come in so many different forms — colored, wands, glow-in-the-dark, machines, etc. Spend the day outside playing with bubbles with your kids.

For a Vacation Getaway

When temperatures rise, it's time for summer activities. Get a jump start on summer with an Easter basket full of pool toys, beach towels, sunglasses and a straw hat. Travel-sized sunscreen fits inside a plastic egg for an Easter surprise both kids and adults will like.

For the Cheerful

Go color crazy with plastic eggs in every color, miniature marquee lights and all the rainbow accessories.

For the Lover of All Things Pink

Assemble a basket fit for a princess by filling it with tiaras, tutus and clip-in hair extensions all in pink.

For the Curious

They say olfactory memories are the strongest. Scented markers, slime and stickers are the perfect filler for a basket full of scratch-n-sniff fun sure to be remembered for years to come.

For the Kawaii Obsessed

Tweens obsessed with all things kawaii, the Japanese word for cute, will love this pastel-filled Easter basket. We included plush toys, coloring books and a paint set.

For the Bathtime Lover

If your toddler loves bathtime, fill a basket with new toys and bath crayons and bombs to make bathtime even more fun.

For the Music Lover

Make a plastic basket resemble a cassette tape with thread, and fill with small instruments like recorders, kazoos and harmonicas, and complete with a music-streaming subscription or iTunes gift card.

For the Cactus Crazed

Go green with this Easter basket full of cactus-inspired fun that is totally on point. Fill with erasers, puzzles, and even a plant-your-own-cactus kit.

For the Foodie

Any kid who loves food and cooking will love all these food-themed items like a calculator, puzzles and magnets.

For the Car Lover

Car fanatics will love a basket full of raw wood planes, trains and automobiles waiting to be built and customized.

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