12 Ways to Welcome House Guests for the Holidays

Holidays are the best times to catch up with friends and family. If you plan to host loved ones this season, here are a few ways you can give them a warm and cozy welcome.

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Drink and Be Merry

Setting out a self-serve beverage, like this Scandinavian glogg, is a wonderful way to get a party started. Guests will be able to enjoy a cocktail even while you’re running around and greeting other guests.

Fabulous Favors

Personalized party favors can also work as adorable place settings. If you’re going to decorate with handmade ornaments, why not make a few extra and wrap them up for guests?

Warm Welcome

There’s nothing cozier than a fire in the fireplace and a beautifully decorated hearth. This warm welcome requires a little prep work, however. Be sure to have your chimney cleaned and maintained before guests arrive.

Stylish Stockings

Hanging a stocking for out-of-towners is a really easy way to make them feel included. These added sprigs of greenery make these hand-sewn stockings feel even more special.

Get Ready for Guests

Whether you’ve planned for guests or a late night turns into a sleepover, having your guest room set up ahead of time can make a big difference. Clean sheets, fresh towels and thoughtful decor let your guests know you’re happy to have them.

Cozy and Comfortable

Someone’s preferred temperature is a very personal thing. Having extra blankets readily available will be very much appreciated. Consider stocking up on some comfy throw blankets in a variety of textures and patterns.

Advantageous Advent Calendar

If you’re guests are children, or just kids at heart, a homemade advent calendar provides some interactive fun. Small gift bags marked to reflect the days your guests are visiting can be stuffed with small treats and treasures.

All in the Family (Tree)

Create a simple “family tree” for your guests to enjoy. Hanging photos with removable tape allows you to swap photos for new guests. No one will feel homesick with their own gallery in the guest room.

The Lay of the Land

Hanging work by local artists and information about your area gives guests something to admire when they retire. Maps are also a great way to help someone feel oriented.

Pillow Talk

Duvet covers and throw pillows can be quick and easy ways to dress a guest room for the season. This deep-red and crisp-white pattern provides a cold-weather Scandinavian vibe, but can be swapped out for a spring palette in a snap.

Food for Thought

Setting out some snacks and reading materials will ensure that you can rest easily, knowing your guest is neither hungry nor bored. This is especially helpful when people travel from other time zones.

You'll Get the "Hang" of It

Don't forget to clear some closet space before your guests arrive. Especially in colder months, guests might have longer pieces to hang. Providing a few extra hangers is extra helpful.

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