10 Money-Saving Tips for Creating Wedding Floral Arrangements

One of the most beautiful components of a wedding is the flowers. Bouquets, nosegays, arches and centerpieces help pull the theme and aesthetic together. Learn how you can put together the perfect floral arrangements and save money.

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Use Expensive Sparingly

For a rustic-style table, look at mixing bright and fresh-picked blooms. A mixed arrangement can also save money. Kathleen Hyppolite, owner of Kat Flower, suggests mixing expensive flowers with less expensive ones. "If you love peonies but can't afford heaps of them, use them sparingly. Bring in affordable flowers like roses, carnations and lisianthus. The peonies will still shine and elevate the other flowers."

Go Bold With a Single Color

For a wedding with a faraway feel, stick with bold colors. Dominant shades of pink can remind you of tropical beaches, while deep red can whisk you away to the Far East. Using a single type of flower to create arrangements can also cut down costs. "Stay with one or two types of flowers and let them carry through the entire wedding," says Janie. "A floral designer is sometimes able to get a better price if they are ordering boxes of a single type of flower. Plus, one or two flowers can make an impact, especially if they are in a bold or complementary color combination."

Find a Designer You Jive With

When working with a specific cultural aesthetic, identify a floral designer who can help you create the perfect look. "Before meeting with a floral designer, do your research. Does the designer's style work with the look of your wedding concept? What elements do you need designed? Once you determine your needs, a floral designer will help create areas of focus and impact that will demonstrate your concept and work within your budget," says Kathleen Hyppolite, owner of Kat Flower.

Use Greens to Stretch Your Dollar

Think small and loose-style arrangements for a rustic, organic feel. "When choosing your design, don't go for extremely tight, compacted styles that use tons of flowers. Pick lower arrangements that feature lush greeneries, like seeded eucalyptus, bear grass and plumose. The greens will help stretch out the size of the arrangement," says Janie Medley, owner of Janie Medley Flora Design.

Try the Local Market

This charming spring bouquet is tied with a swath of lace and an antique pin. For the DIY bride, "Purchase flowers from the local farmers' market. I would suggest you plan your wedding around the time when flowers are in abundance (like the spring season)," suggests Janie.

Provide the Florist With Containers

Antique silver, Mason jars and even tin cans can be upcycled into vases. "Provide your florist with containers. You can save money if you find a comparable container yourself, but be sure to take measurements. A container with a larger opening will call for more flowers," according to Janie Medley.

Go Seasonal

A blushing white bouquet will look elegant at a wintry white wedding. If you are getting married during the winter holidays, look for flowers that are in season. "Regardless of the season, brides looking to save money should always opt for seasonal flowers. Though this does not guarantee rock-bottom prices, it always helps when flowers are readily available and abundant," advises Kathleen.

Expect to Pay More Around the Holidays

A holiday wedding may call for an arrangement of red and green flowers to accessorize cocktail and reception tables. When planning a wedding around Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and New Year's, be sure to include extra room in your budget. Janie says: "The quality of flowers at these times is not as high, as the flowers are forced to bloom. Flower growers charge more for flowers around major holidays due to supply and demand."


Soft flowers like roses and ranunculus are a wonderful way to celebrate romance. If you need to be budget-conscious, repurpose flowers that were used during the ceremony. Janie suggests you "repurpose flowers from an arch or gazebo to work elsewhere when the ceremony is finished. Lay the bouquets of your bridal party around the cake table, or use the flowers from the aisle for the sweetheart and cocktail tables."

Think Beyond Flowers

A romantic flower arrangement can also be accentuated with unconventional elements. Here, light and airy feathers complete an ethereal bride's bouquet. For eye-catching bouquets, centerpieces and all your floral needs, Kathleen gives a final word of advice: "Choose vendors that you like and trust. And trust in them to realize your vision so that you can enjoy your beautiful day." See 27 Floral Alternatives >>

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