10 Crafty Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

How do you find a gift to express your feelings for the person who can do it all themselves? Take matters into your own hands and create something new, unexpected and romantic for your favorite DIY addict. These 10 simple, sentimental gifts are expressions of love, each with their own element of DIY-ability.

Sweet Treats

Chocolate is Valentine’s Day’s official snack. The problem is that the good old chocolate boxes are just so predictable. Think outside the box (literally) and try making your own sweets either with or for your sweetest. BUY IT: Uncommon Goods, $35

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Considering the season, your wanderlust may be taking over. This unique map allows you to not only plan colorful future trips, but also to reflect on where you’ve already been with your favorite travel buddy. BUY IT: Etsy, $28

Uncommon Scents

Musk? Ew. Vanilla? Only for ice cream. If your partner is picky about scents, the best gift you can give them is the power to create their own signature. They’ll be able to use their favorite smells and play perfumery to finally find a scent of their very own. BUY IT: Vetiver Aromatics, $49

Drink Up

Step up your wine storage game with a personalized wine caddy. It’s not exactly your very own sommelier, but with some new glasses and an aged bottle, you’ll still get the five-star, VIP Valentine’s Day treatment. BUY IT: Cabany Co, $17

Stamp it Out

Personalized jewelry can be really, really pricey. Maybe your fling hasn’t quite taken a turn serious enough for a ring, or maybe your bank account just isn’t ready. Either way, you can still set your feelings in stone with some impressively thoughtful bling. BUY IT: Target, $25

Artistic Expression

Flowers are an obvious holiday standard, but there are ways of taking them from average to artistic. Let the roses take second stage to the main exhibition by arranging them in a chic, architectural masterpiece. BUY IT: Urban Outfitters, $49

Just 'Due it

Reservations? Amateur hour. A romantic dinner by the light of a cast iron fondue pot sounds like the recipe for a perfect night in. Whether it’s a dinner for two or a meal for all of your single friends, there are few gifts better than the gift of just about anything dipped in chocolate. BUY IT: Crate and Barrel, $40

Bakery Bubbles

Maybe your other half isn’t a fan of sweets. You can still find ways to treat them without actual sugary treats. This bath bomb is a relaxation maven’s stress-free spa dream come true. BUY IT: Bulk Apothecary, $1.95

By Candlelight

For the whole romantic candlelit dinner situation, you’re going to need candles. Why not make them together? Choose the scents, unleash your inner artist, and watch sparks fly. BUY IT: CandleScience, $60


Because roses just might clash with your color scheme. These forget-me-knots allow you to flex your green thumb without having to brave the cold while still honoring the age-old tradition of fresh blooms on the feast of Saint Valentine. BUY IT: ModernSprout, $14

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