6 Stylish Updates That Can Be Made in a Rental Kitchen

Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you can’t improve it. Check out a few ways to bring your kitchen from drab to fab, including how to wallpaper a refrigerator. 

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Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Before: Black, White and Blah

Don’t get stuck in a renter’s rut. There are plenty of non-permanent updates you can make to improve storage, style and function. 

Solution: Add Color to the Fridge

Removable wallpaper can bring new life to your rented appliances. Measure twice, cut once and then peel and stick your way to a more appetizing fridge.

After: Subtle, But Wow!

This refreshed refrigerator looks so good, your landlord may ask you to leave it that way when you move. If not, however, removable wallpaper peels off easily.

Before: Corner Cabinet Does Hide Much

This glass-front built-in isn’t as fun as it is functional. If you don't have a lot of storage, glass-display cabinets may not be the best option if you just want to hide your stuff. But there’s an easy fix.

Solution: Wrapping Paper

Simple painters’ or washi tape can be used to install some glam wrapping or wallpaper. This will give the cabinet visual interest and it will give you some privacy. When you’re moving out, it will be easy to remove and discard.

After: Hidden Storage With Style

Voila! A cute, custom cabinet that will house and hide anything you need to store.

After: Cover the Walls in Art

Paint and wallpaper can be expensive and have to be removed when you move out. Save your time and your security deposit by looking for framed photos that fill your space. Best of all, your framed artwork can travel to your next spot with you. 

After: Big Photography

If you’re wondering where to find large-scale artwork, consider enlarging your own Instagram prints. This low-maintenance plant and pretty picture bring the outdoors inside.

After: Cover Blemishes With Fabric

Contact paper can hide a multitude of sins, but if the shelving in your rental is permanent, you don’t want to apply something that will be difficult to remove. Beautiful napkins can have a similar effect, and you get to keep them after you move.

After: Throw Down a Rug

Investing in new floor treatments doesn’t often make sense for a renter. A jute runner is a fresh and impermanent solution to dingy laminate flooring.

After: Cohesive and Clean

There you have it. Combining many little projects can have a dramatic effect overall. Color and texture transform a dated space into a delightful kitchen. See the rest of this apartment makeover >>

After: Kitty Corner

Just because you rent, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel at home in your space. With a small budget and a little elbow grease, you can provide you and your loved ones with immeasurable comfort.

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