11 Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fill your home with Halloween spirit with these fun and one-of-a-kind pumpkins.
By: Something Turquoise

Candle Holder Pumpkins

Calling all fall hostesses, this centerpiece is for you! Gather a few small pumpkins, we used the pumpkin-pie variety. Simply drill five holes in the top of each pumpkin and insert skinny candles. The drill bit diameter should match the candles. Adjust the candles by pushing them deeper into the pumpkin so they sit at different heights. Add some fall foliage underneath them, light the candles and you’ll have a beautifully rustic centerpiece that is perfect for the entire fall season.

Scrabble Tile Topiary Pumpkins

Since everyone is crazy for word tiles we decided to do a Halloween version. But be careful, you can only carve up to three sides of the tile outline or else you’ll end up with a big square cut in your pumpkin. We cut a small hole in the top and bottom of each faux pumpkin and glued them together with hot glue to create the topiary, then lit them with LED candles. 

Ghost Pumpkins

Aren’t these ghost pumpkins delightfully spooky? They are actually faux pumpkins turned upside down. Carve a large zigzag design all the way around the top of the pumpkin, remove the top, discard and turn the pumpkin upside down. Then carve a ghost face. Leave these cuties out on your porch with a candle inside or hang from a tree with an LED light taped on the inside. 

Silverware Pumpkins

Serving a special dinner for Halloween or Thanksgiving? This lovely little pumpkin will be the perfect addition to your dinner buffet! Carve a simple fork, knife and spoon into a pumpkin, create a darling menu and set them out for all to see. 

Chandelier Pumpkins

These look like painted chandeliers but they’re mini LED chandeliers that are meant for school lockers, the kind that have magnetic tops. We carved large holes in the front of two large faux pumpkins, spray painted the insides and added lace around the opening on one and pearls around the other. The best way to attach the chandeliers to the pumpkins is with magnets. We hot glued super-strong magnets to the top inside of the pumpkins so that the magnetic chandeliers would stick. This way you can easily remove them to replace batteries. There are many different types of “school locker chandeliers” available online and in stores at back to school time. 

Gold Marbled Pumpkins

Add a glamourous and expensive look to your fall decor by using this marbling technique. You will need liquid gilding, a small disposable container, a Popsicle stick or straw and wax paper. Fill the container with about 3” of water. Dip the Popsicle stick into the gilding and then drop drips of gilding onto the top of the water; some will sink but most will float. After you have about 20-percent of the surface covered swirl the water and gilding around with the stick. Then carefully (and quickly) dip your pumpkin into the water and right back out again, then place on wax paper to dry overnight. You can do the entire pumpkin or just half. The marbling look will always be different depending on the amount of gilding in the water, you can achieve a solid gold look by adding more gilding to the water. 

Wire Picture Display

Here’s a fun and quick way to display your favorite Halloween moments from years past. Using craft wire and needle nose pliers, carefully wrap and bend the wire into a concentric circle shape with a long straight stem. Cut the wires to different lengths and stab into the flesh of a pumpkin. Insert pictures of past Halloween parties into the wire wrap.

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Buckets

Using a faux pumpkin, carve a large opening on the top. Let your child paint or decorate the pumpkin; and don’t forget to add their name. Carve slits for the handles and attach them with strong glue. Your kids will be extra excited to trick or treat with these custom pumpkin buckets that they can use year after year. You can even customize them to match your child’s costume.

Dessert Stand

Looking to get creative in how you display Halloween treats? Create a unique dessert stand that you can use for years to come. Cut the top off a faux pumpkin as flat as you can. Then glue a plate right on top using a strong glue like E6000. Obviously not okay for the dishwasher, this one will have to be hand-washed carefully. Make a few different versions at different heights to display multiple desserts.

Candy Tree Pumpkins

Using pins and lots of pieces of candy, pin each candy wrapper to a pumpkin until it’s completely covered. Guests can then help themselves, making for an interactive centerpiece. If you're going to make this for a kids' party, use hot glue (on a low heat setting) and a faux pumpkin. Also, these make great hostess gifts.

Mason Jar Pumpkins

We decided to focus these pumpkins around that coveted glassware, Mason jars. One pumpkin has been carved to resemble a Ball Jar complete with glass design and the other has a simple jar-shaped carving. Both pumpkins have Mason jars inside them to hold the candles. These simple pumpkins would make the perfect addition to any rustic home Halloween or fall decor.

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