Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Home With High Ceilings

Designing a room with tall walls does have it’s challenges, check out these clever ideas for making the most of your vertical space.

Use Symmetry

This fireplace sits on a wall that reaches up to 15’ at the highest point of a slanted roof. The fireplace needed something above it to create balance and draw the eye up. The space is also slim, limiting the things that could be hung there. A simple solution was to blow up and frame some nature photography and hang them over the mantel. Because the more neutral colors offer a subtler look, and the two frames and images are the same size, stacking these two pieces of art creates a unified, elegant look.

Top With Greenry

On the wall opposite the fireplace, wall-mounted cabinets and shelves add a ton of storage. On top of the cabinet – where a gorgeous beam of afternoon light hits – a trailing plant added a nice touch of nature and color. Trailing plants, once established, make an excellent styling accent for a tall room.

Display Space

Open shelving is an easy and inexpensive solution for an empty vertical space. Store and display your favorite knickknacks, books, photos or a combination of all three. 

Hang Curtain High

Two windows stacked on top of each other created a challenge in this bedroom. Homeowners struggled with the additional light from the upper window when trying to sleep. Custom extra-tall curtains were hung above the curved window, covering both the upper and lower window in one fell swoop. It unifies the wall and allows the homeowners to block unwanted light. Billowy white curtains also made a dramatic feature against the sophisticated gray walls.

Use Fabric

Many people do not want a heavy glass frame hung above their bed, especially in earthquake-prone areas. A simple solution is to hang a soft, modern tapestry. Using a tapestry or weaving as wall art allows you to customize the size and it can also be an affordable option. This textile with a trendy mud-cloth pattern breathed life into the room, and is the perfect complement to the striking headboard.

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