The Best Toys for Playful Cats and Dogs

Most pet toys have at least one of these purposes: mental challenge, exercise or chewing. Do not overload your pet with too many toys. Introduce one at a time, put it away when your pet loses interest then reintroduce in a few weeks.
By: Michele C Hollow
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Tug of War

The Kong Wubba is a favorite game for most dogs, partly because it's interactive, and simply because it's fun. The durable reinforced nylon fabric covers two balls — a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath. The long tail makes it easy to pick up and throw.

Solar Power

No batteries needed for this environmentally friendly toy. Just place it in direct sunlight and watch it spring into action. This will keep your cat entertained for hours. Photo courtesy of Solar Chases

Splish Splash

If your dog loves the water, he will enjoy Premier Pogo Splash, a brightly colored toy that floats and is easy to spot in the water. It's ideal for a water game of fetch.

Will Work for Food

Place cat food inside these tubes and let your cat work for his supper. The Aikiou Stimulo makes mealtime a game. Your cat can get to the food using his paws.

A Comfort Toy

Kong Cozies live up to their name because they are cute and cuddly. Perfect for a game of fetch, Kong Cozies come in 10 different animal characters, from a dog to a lion, moose, rhino and more.

Rock 'n' Roll

This ToyShoppe Playables Kitty Rocking Roller cat toy keeps the ball rolling, enticing your cat to play. The toy features a sisal surface, which is great for scratching.

A Twist on a Classic

Kong Classics transform the traditional red rubber ball into a new shape that is super-bouncy and great for a dog to chew on. It comes in sizes extra-small to extra-large to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

A Yummy Toy

Dogs will get some exercise as they try to pry open the JW Treat Pods that are filled with either dog treats or peanut butter. They are simple to assemble and easy to clean.

Cats and Mice

The Eco Mouser is one of Honest Pet Products' best-sellers — maybe because it's filled with organic catnip or maybe because it is in the shape of a mouse.

A Dog's Best Friend

Next to you, your dog will love GoDog Barnyard Buddies by Quaker Pet Group. These unstuffed designs are great because you won't have to worry about your dog swallowing them or making a mess. Each toy has five squeakers inside.

Tickled Green

The Tickle Pickle is TipsyNip's best-selling cat toy. Made with organic catnip in the shape of a bright green gherkin, it comes in a 12-inch size and a smaller 4-inch size.

Squeak, Crackle, Cuddle

A little noise can be fine, especially when it's wrapped inside an adorable soft Leaping Dog Cuddle Toy from Up Country. The squeaker and crackle are inside this dog toy that's made in the USA.

Pounce and Play

Cats like to hunt, and the Hartz Angry Birds Running Bird toy stimulates his predatory instinct. Filled with catnip, this yellow bird runs away from your cat when you pull the Bird's tail.

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