Tour Jennifer Perkins' Colorful and Eclectic Home

Our own crafting expert, Jennifer Perkins takes us on a tour of her very creative and vibrant home where kitsch meets chic in the very best way.

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Eclectic, whimsical, colorful - these are all words I would use to describe my home. I’m happiest with the current design situation when I find the perfect intersection of kitsch meets chic.

Years of thrifting, a love for all things quirky and being raised in a 128-year-old Victorian home by avid collectors, I was destined to live in a house like this.

Join me on this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins where I give you the full tour of my home.

Bookshelves are great, but etageres are better. Flea markets and antique shops often times are selling the displays that they have covered in their wares. It never hurts to ask if the actual display (etagere) is for sale. These stylish tiered shelves are a great way to display collectibles.

The bottom shelf of this etagere is also home to a collection of art journals. Check out Not Your Grandmother’s Scrapbook and Art Journaling With Kids for my ideas on making your own.

Don’t be afraid to mix textures in your home decor. Sleek 70s mirrored credenzas get warmed up with Kilim rugs, plants and large pieces of collaged art.

The more etageres the merrier. One of the big differences between an etagere and a bookcase is that the shelves are glass creating a lighter and airer display. Perfect for small vignettes.

Try making your own DIY Coiled Rope Bowls and Planters.

Mix and match found art, family portraits, kid projects and more in one giant gallery wall. The key to an interesting gallery wall is to use different sizes, genres, frames and textures. You don’t want a gallery wall to look like it was collected from the same store on the same day.

Spice up found pieces with this Thrift Store Art Makeover.

Think outside the traditional box when choosing art for your walls. Go with a statement piece like old store signage. Perfect for your arts and crafts room.

Take a trip to the Round Top flea market on this episode DIY This With Jennifer Perkins to learn a few tips and tricks for flea market shopping.

Don’t underestimate places like Craigslist (green couch) or your parent’s garage floral chairs) as great places to find standout home decor pieces. Use patience when cruising the listings, it'll pay off and remember, there is nothing a good upholstery job can’t fix.

Check out this same room decorated for Halloween and Christmas.

Different decades and styles can mesh together seamlessly in one room with the right pieces. The glass-top 70s dining table and Lightolier juxtapose perfectly with the bohemian vibes of these wicker chairs and the various fabrics throughout the room.

This year try skipping the traditional family portrait and instead commision an artist to paint or illustrate your family. This has been a tradition since my oldest daughter was born and now our collection covers my favorite wall.

Pop over to HGTV and read all about Skipping the Traditional Family Portrait This Year.

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