Storage and Lighting in a Nursery

Follow these storage and lighting tips to keep a nursery bright and organized.
crates placed on floor to catch toys

crates placed on floor to catch toys

Figure B

Storage space in a nursery can be fairly sparse. Make the most of a closet by fitting it with wall-mounted wooden crates from the home center. Hanging them with space in between creates even more shelves -- the spaces themselves can serve as storage when the tops of the crates are used to hold items such as pillows and blankets. Additional crates can also be placed on the floor to catch toys or other stray items -- the crates can be taken out into the room for ease in transporting toys, then hidden away in the closet when playtime is over.

Another good idea is an adjustable hanging rod. Use lengths of rope to attach a dowel to the existing ventilated shelf; the addition can be raised or lowered as the child grows. On the upper shelves, places canvas-lined wicker storage baskets, leaving enough room on the floor for a clothes hamper -- a good thing, since it keeps the hamper from having to sit out in plain sight.

Next, remember to add lighting in layers. Start by evaluating the room's natural light. Choose window treatments that allow the natural light to shine into the room -- even when the shutters are closed.

General illumination is usually provided by an overhead fixture. Pick one with a soft diffuser, which softens the light and makes it perfect to use in a nursery.

Any situation where you have to perform a task requires adequate task lighting , usually provided by individual lamps. In a nursery, the changing table should include a small lamp, which provides task lighting as well as a decorative touch.

Finally, add a plug-in nightlight to provide ambient lighting, or soft illumination.

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