Up-Cycled Gallery Wall 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for Up-Cycled Photo Gallery.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Salvaged frames
Tab hooks
Laser level
Picture hanging strips
Metal photos
Repurposed objects
Circular saw
Safety glasses
Sanding block
Reclaimed boards
Wood glue
Wooden ladders (2)
Power drill
Paint or stain

Step 2

Tips for a Stairway Photo Gallery

1. Paint salvaged frames one color and use to frame photos.

2. Drop plumb lines to bottom and top steps and mark wall at chest or eye level.

3. Connect marks with laser beam; use this line to position top and bottom corners of two rows of photos.

4. Hang photos with picture hanging strips.

5. Create up-cycled look with photos printed on metal.

6. Add repurposed objects.

7. Spell out family names or inspirational words with letters painted on wood or cut with jigsaw.

8. Build console table from reclaimed boards and wooden ladders.

9. Bolt boards to ladder tops.

10. Focus area above table with small, repurposed mirror.

Pro Tip

Make sure press-on strip is rated for weight of photo.

Glue and clamp boards together for 18-inch width; trim ladders to 30 inches.

Have print shop transfer photos to metal sheets of different sizes and shapes.

For industrial look, leave bolts showing; for smooth look, countersink and fill.