Small Home Office Designs and Layouts

Trying to squeeze a dedicated home office into a small home can be a challenge. Take a look at some efficient home offices that make the most of a small space.

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Carve Out Space in a Closet

The smallest space can be turned into a work area. This unused nook has been transformed into a functional office with a few well-placed wood shelves and a sleek chair.

Leave Your Work at Work

When work time is over, all business matters are kept completely out of view by drawing the draperies closed on this office niche.

The Top Landing

This extra-long work space was previously unused space on the top landing of a staircase. By incorporating a custom-made desk and cabinet, the once wasted space is now a great place for homework or catching up on bills.

Office, Den, Guest Room Combo

This multipurpose room has a lot to offer. Custom shelving and a desk provide plenty of space to spread out while working. The two leather chairs create a comfy spot to take in some TV or read. Push the chairs out of the way, and the hidden Murphy bed can be folded down to accommodate guests.

Bedroom Turned Office

This contemporary home office combines style, comfort and function. A chrome-and-glass desk takes center stage, while a flokati rug adds softness to the space. The closet is transformed into a reading nook with a tufted leather loveseat and stunning metallic wallpaper.

Dormer Nook

A small nook off a master bedroom became an office with a view. Storing file boxes high on shelves frees up floor space, making the room look bigger.

Corner of the Basement

Here a narrow section of a master bedroom is turned into a bright office. A TV and lounge chair closes off the work area to make it physically and purposefully separate from the sleeping area.

Makeshift Desk

An old dining table and a set of shelves combine to make a two-person workstation. Look to see what you can repurpose for office furniture. It is a great way to save money and add unique style.

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