Budget Remodeling 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for remodeling on a budget.

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Step 1

Gather Your Materials and Tools

glass brick
latex-based mortar
putty knife
interior paint
rollers and covers
painter's tape
floor sander
laminate replacement boards
pry bar
ductless cooling and heating system with professional installation
solar tubes
skill saw
wood nails

Step 2

Update an Old Fireplace

Cover old fireplace surround with new glass tile.

Use latex-based mortar for quick hold and you won't need spacers

Pro Tip

Glass tile even goes over brick.

Step 3

Give Floors a New Look

Sand natural wood floor and apply new varnish. If boards are stained, apply wood stain in same color.

Remove damaged laminate boards and replace with new boards.

Step 4

Have a Cooling and Heating System Installed

To save cost of new ductwork or new HVAC central system, have ductless cooling and heating system installed professionally.

Step 5

Add Paint

Do your own painting.

Thoroughly clean walls and fill and sand holes or cracks, then use high-quality brushes and nap rollers. To avoid lap marks, apply paint in small sections keeping wet edge.

Frame fabric or wallpaper and hang as artwork.