Step 1



Sand the Dresser

Sand the dresser to rough up the surface, which will help to make the paint adhere. Thoroughly brush off the dust, then go over the dresser with a tack cloth to pick up any of the finer particles left behind.

Step 2



Apply Primer and Paint

Apply a quality primer to the dresser. Let the primer dry completely.

Paint the drawers with the first color of paint and let them dry.

Step 3



Mark and Tape the Drawers

Lay the drawers on their backs and push them together as close as possible. Make sure they're in the same arrangement as they will be once they're back in the dresser. Measure and mark the pattern for positioning the tape.

Tape just inside the lines. At the corners, hold the tape down with your fingernails and tear it to make a perfect inside corner. Use a little of the first color to seal the tape edges.

Step 4

Apply the Second Coat of Paint

Apply the second color of paint over the entire surface of the drawers, including the tape, and let it dry completely.

Step 5

Create Next Part of the Pattern

Use a narrower tape to create the next part of the pattern. Place the tape right on the outside edge of the first. This time, though, use a utility knife to cut the tape at the corners. Again, apply a little of the second color of paint to seal the tape. Next, paint the outside edge of the drawers only, as if you were painting a frame around them. Carefully remove all of the tape.

Step 6



Paint the Dresser

Paint the dresser with the same color used for the outside band on the drawers. Now for the last coat of paint - apply a creamy white paint on the cases. Next paint the outside panel of the drawers. Don't paint the center