Postman-Style Desk

Learn how to turn an old television unit into a desk made for organization.


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Materials and Tools:

entertainment console
office organizer
drawer slides
small drawers from sewing machine
"L" braces
epoxy putty
facing nails
power drill
table saw
chop saw
circular saw
nail gun
Phillips head screwdriver
speed square
center punch


1. Clean and prepare the entertainment console.

2. Pull out the old nails from the broken drawer corners, and then screw on small "L" braces.

3. Use epoxy putty to fill damaged trim on the old entertainment console. Mark the two upright supports of the organizer with this height.

4. Cut the organizer upright support using a circular saw.

5. Slide the organizer in through the back of the entertainment console. Measure the gaps on the ends, and then adjust to center it in place.

6. After the organizer is centered, measure the gaps on the ends, top and bottom.

7. Set the table saw to this width, and then cut four strips from 3/4 inch scrap plywood. Cut the length to match the width of the organizer using a chop saw.

8. Remove the organizer, and then glue and screw the blocks into place.

9. Add the slide out counter top.

10. Measure the span of the opening under the existing entertainment console shelf.

11. Cut a piece of plywood to the length of the slides and the measured console shelf width, minus clearance needed for the slides.

12. Attach the facing trim to the front of the plywood tabletop with wood glue and nails.

13. Pre-drill and screw the drawer slides to the slides of the tabletop and the inside of the entertainment console.

14. Add small drawers to the center of the organizer.

15. Place one small drawer into the center slot of the organizer, and then mark where a new shelf will go above this drawer. Measure the organizer for the width and depth of this shelf.

16. Cut out the shelf using a chop saw, and then face it using scrap plywood and a nail gun.

17. Pre-drill and screw the shelf into place.

18. Repeat the last two steps for the second small drawer to be attached closest to the top of the slot.

19. Cut a new 1/4 inch backer using a table saw and circular saw to cover the back opening of the entertainment console.

20. Prepare and paint all the pieces of the unit.

21. Take out the drawers, doors and hardware, and then clean all surfaces.

22. Prime with gripper primer, and then paint all surfaces except the inside of the drawers.

23. Finish by reassembling all of the pieces.

24. Slide in the organizer and pre-drill, and then screw into the blocks attached to the entertainment console.

25. Level and hang the sliders using a center punch to mark the holes. Slide in the new countertop.

26. Re-hang the doors.

27. Screw on the backer board.

Project Cost:

Entertainment center: $40
Shelving unit: Free
Paint, materials: $22

Total: $62

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