Paint Your Powder Room

Give this small space a huge, stylish facelift with just a couple coats of your favorite color.

Black Spa Bathroom

Black Spa Bathroom With White Towels

Black can feel like a scary choice on the wall, but it can actually make a space more intimate. This gorgeous bathroom uses the color brilliantly and turns it into a cool platform for crisp color contrasts like the white towels and pretty wood dresser.

From: Prairie

Photo by: Ryan Garvin

Ryan Garvin

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When we need to freshen up, we hit up our powder rooms. Ah, but look while you powder your noses, friends! Does your powder room need some freshening up of its own? Is that a resounding “yes” I hear? 

How to Prep Walls Before Painting

Fresh + New

Just look at this stunning situation. Add a few coats of navy to your space for a classic-yet-modern look. Bonus? Ivory sinks and tubs will look pearly and pop against the dark blue walls. 

Small Navy Blue Bathroom With White Pedestal Sink

Navy Blue Powder Room With Graphic Tile Floor

Solid navy blue covers the walls and ceiling of the powder room. Graphic tile flooring is the focal point of the small space, with a collection of framed art adding another level of interest.

Photo by: Mia Baxter Smail

Mia Baxter Smail

Go Bold

Use smaller spaces, such as the one seen here, to have fun with bright, bold colors or patterns. This vibrant coral paint enlivens this powder room, making it an extra fun place to wash up throughout the day. 

Red Boys Bathroom with Handmade Art

Bathroom Art Gallery

A bright red boy's bathroom becomes an imaginative art gallery with a mix of original children's pictures, prints and even toys. Change out the artwork with new and favorite pieces to keep the display fresh and fun.

10 Tips for Interior Painting

Opt for Versatility

Teal walls wash this bathroom with style. We especially love a rich teal or turquoise tone because of its versatility. These sea-inspired shades are gorgeous paired with browns, black or whites. 

Modern Blue Bathroom

Modern Small Bathroom With Bold Teal Walls, Floating Vanity and Animal Wall Decor

Teal is a tough color to use without completely overwhelming a space. But if you stick with teals that are close to the aqua family, you'll find them rather versatile. The floating vanity, white half wall and white tile shower add light elements to balance the room. The mounted horns and animal head bring a masculine side to the design and compliment the brown flooring.

Color Your Cabinets

Who said you had to paint your walls to bring your bathroom back to life? We’re obsessed with the gorgeous, kelly green cabinets in this ultra-chic washroom. Replicate this look for yourself with some paint, some pinot grigio and some patience. 

Green and White Bathroom

Green and Neutral Bathroom with Mirrors, Patterned Wallpaper and Blue-and-White Rug

This gorgeous green-and-white bathroom features two mirrors and a double vanity to make it easy for a pair of people to prepare for their day. Farmhouse-style fixtures light up the space, while a blue-and-white throw rug provides a bright contrast to the kelly green cabinets and accents.

Photo by: Allison Corona Photography, Let It Shine Photography, Doug Petersen Photography

Allison Corona Photography, Let It Shine Photography, Doug Petersen Photography

25 Tips on Painting Cabinets

Pattern Play

Wake up your walls with a totally timeless new look. All you need to manage this look on your own is a steady hand, a ruler and some black and white paint. The end result is glamorous and gorgeous—sure to make the bathroom your new favorite spot in the house. 

Black-and-white striped Hollywood regency-style bathroom

Black-and-White Hollywood Regency Bathroom With a Pop of Pink

Hollywood glamour is given a lady-like treatment in this bold, graphic bathroom. Vintage floor tile with black florets adds texture, while the sink is cleverly disguised as a dresser. A pop of pink in the floral arrangement echoes the bedroom wall color.

Photo by: Courtney Blanton

Courtney Blanton

How-to Paint a Striped Wall

"Bath" is the New Black 

Don’t believe the myth that dark paint is a no-no in small spaces. This black bathroom makes a moody, chic statement that your guests will surely compliment. Let’s face it, a toilet has never looked so cool. 

Black Spa Bathroom

Black Spa Bathroom With White Towels

Black can feel like a scary choice on the wall, but it can actually make a space more intimate. This gorgeous bathroom uses the color brilliantly and turns it into a cool platform for crisp color contrasts like the white towels and pretty wood dresser.

From: Prairie

Photo by: Ryan Garvin

Ryan Garvin

Ultra-Inspiring Bathroom Makeovers

See All Photos

Before: Boring, Beige and Bare

Designer Matt Muenster helped a busy couple with their bland, beige bathroom. The shower isn't usable, and there is no room for storage in the bathroom.

After: A Modern Mix of Materials

A mix of materials brings texture and color to the bathroom. A frameless glass shower surround and recycled glass mosaic tile backsplash are installed in the shower.

Before: A Bathroom Showing Its Age

Matt took on this outdated bathroom with a budget of only $1,000. The vinyl flooring and yellow tub had to go, and the lack of a vanity allowed for no storage space.

After: Young, Fun and Hip

The floor gets a hip makeover with chocolate-brown paint, and mosaic glass tile covers the new vanity and mirror frame. Custom decals add flower power to the bathroom.

Before: Old and Bland Shower

The owners of this master bathroom wanted the vinyl flooring, small shower and pedestal sink replaced.

After: Contemporary, Chic and Sleek

The makeover included a new high-end steam shower built for two and an all-in-one vanity with a sink and mirror, sconces and a chandelier.

Before: Diamond in the Rough

This vinyl-covered tub and matching vinyl floor needed to be a thing of the past.

After: Bronze Beauty

Make an existing bathtub BATHtastic! by refurbishing it with copper glass tiles and modern, ceramic floor tile.

Before: An Overload of White

Matt helped a homeowner transform her cold, white bathroom. An unnecessary wall and peach floor tile are the first culprits to go.

After: Eclectic Red

This new bathroom includes eco-friendly cork flooring and a hand-painted, wallpapered wall which was once cluttered with toiletries. An old cabinet becomes a vanity.

Before: Cramped Khaki Style

The owners of this khaki-colored bathroom particularly wanted the faux granite countertops and sheet mirror removed.

After: Soothing Blue

This bathroom makeover included finding common ground between a couple whose traditional and modern styles collide. Painted white cabinets, a recyled glass countertop and a soothing blue wall color do the trick.

Before: This Ship Has Sailed

These newlyweds needed to overhaul their bright yellow, nautically themed bathroom. The outdated vanity and wallpaper made the room seem small and crowded.

After: A Tranquil Ocean Breeze

Gone are the lighthouses. The wallpaper is replaced with aqua-blue paint and tile now covers the vanity wall. A shelf completes the modern, tranquil bathroom.

Before: Bulky Vanity

Transforming this master bathroom would have to include getting rid of the outdated, bulky vanity.

After: Spa Sanctuary

The bathroom now features a high-end, double vanity set with new sinks, faucets and mirrors. A groovy black and white backsplash and cafe color paint perk up the walls to make this bathroom a spa retreat.

Before: Starting on a Blank Canvas

Matt helped a young, hip couple whose bathroom was anything but. The owners particularly disliked the low ceiling and outdated vanity.

After: A Rock Wall

Everything about this bathroom is modern from the TV mirror to the pebble tile wall and the floating vanity to the eco-friendly elements and artwork.

Before: Stuck in the '80s With Pink

The owners of this '80s-style master bathroom wanted a more modern space. To do this, the hideous paisley pink wallpaper had to come down.

After: An Artistic Stencil Design

This bathroom has a distinctive stencil treatment on the walls along with new fixtures. A personal photo printed on canvas gives it a contemporary touch.

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