Organize an Arts and Crafts Area

Follow these tips to keep arts and crafts supplies organized.

The universal law of storage organization is grouping like items together. This is particularly applicable to crafts rooms.

clear drawers allow crafter to see what is inside

clear drawers allow crafter to see what is inside

Jessica shares terrific tips for organizing your arts and crafts supplies.

Group wooly fabrics, silky fabrics, paints, cutting tools and then store them together by category. Keep the most used and treasured materials, donate the rest to a school, or give them to a senior citizen or recreation program so that they can be put to good use.

A tool box is another great option to store craft supplies. They're handy because they can be taken out of the work space. Each child could have a tool box full of craft supplies. A compartmentalized fisherman tackle box also can be used, and they come in different shapes and sizes.

Many stores carry plastic storage containers with drawers. The clear drawers allow the crafter to see what is inside. Inside each drawer, place other containers to hold craft supplies.

The best way to organize a craft room after grouping everything together is to label the area. Invest in an electronic label maker machine -- they cost approximately $20. Label maker machines are every well-organized person's best friend.

Stackable storage bins are great to use on open shelves. These are a great place to store paint brushes in jars, etc. to give them a chance to dry out. Again, label each section.

Boxes that were originally designed to hold small toy cars are ideal for storing spools of thread.

A clear, plastic, over-the-door shoe organizer would work also. The pockets are a neat way to store craft supplies, they don't take up drawer and shelf space.

Clean up, clean up, clean up! After working on a project, it is essential to save 10 minutes at the end for a cleanup. No one will want to return to a projects area if it's messy. We are always teaching our children to clean up after themselves, but adults need to be just as vigilant in their own clean up duties.

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