Step 1

Organize Your Office 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for Organizing Your Office.

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Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:
storage bins
office supplies
pre-made countertop
pre-made shelving
wood screws
power drill
blackboard paint
wall hooks

Step 3

Create Storage Areas

Organization is the key to an efficient home office, especially if it's the center of family activity.

Designate an obvious storage place for each item. Maximize closet space with racks and baskets, and stack open storage bins along walls and label them.

Step 4

Utilize the Walls and Drawers

Use walls for photos and small items.

Hang noise-canceling headphones or a music player on wall beside desk for times when concentration is needed.

Try to keep your desktop as clear as possible. Supplies used every day should be within easy reach; anything else goes in a drawer or cabinet.

Step 5

Consider a Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is an inexpensive way to add extra workspace. You can store it when not using it.

Keep folding tables handy for extra workspace for big family projects like holiday gift-wrapping.

Step 6

Add a Blackboard

Hang a blackboard calendar on wall above desk for keeping track of family schedules.