No-Sew Window Treatments

Thrift stores, flea markets, white sales and remnant bins are great places to look for ideas for inexpensive window treatments that don't require any sewing. Here are a few ideas.
consider making a window valance using a scarf

consider making a window valance using a scarf

Figure A

Consider making a window valance using a scarf. We chose a black scarf with fringed ends and sequins to dress up a window using pre-made wall-corbels.

Another idea is to use a tablecloth. We selected a frilly, lace tablecloth that still lets some light through. Since the tablecloth already has a finished edge, no sewing was required. We attached the window-treatment using a standard rod, finial and wall corbel. Once the rod was installed, the tablecloth was simply draped over the rod to create a lacy curtain effect. Experiment with how to drape the fabric until you get the desired length. If you have enough fabric, you may want to "puddle" the bottom edge of the curtain on the floor beneath the window.

Fabric shower-curtains are another option, and are easy to install since they are finished at the top with eyelets already made that can be used in hanging. Simply feed a slim cafee rod through the eyelets to serve as a curtain rod to create a ripple fold.

Dress up a window treatment using costume jewelry adapted to make tie-backs. Using an attractive shower curtain and inexpensive costume jewelry can create an attractive window treatment for very little expense. A similar effect can be created using sheer fabric with a pre-finished edge. We used a stamp to create star patterns on the material, and gathered and pinned the material using a piece of costume jewelry. The stamped material was hung from a rod and gathered at the bottom.

Finally, consider using a patterned, ruffled bed-sheet to create a splashy window-treatment. In our demonstration, we simulated a three-pinch curtain pleat by folding and pinning the sheet at 6-inch intervals, and stapling the material to a piece of wood used as a support).

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