Cut Doors to Panel Size

Cut the door down to size. Cut off the bottom of the door to eliminate the metal footing.

Step 1

Prime and Paint

Apply tinted primer using a brush or a smooth-nap foam roller. Let dry. Apply base-coat paint using using the same method. Let dry.

Step 2



From: House Crashers

Draw and Cut Design in Panels

Draw the design on the door then use a router to cut out the design. Depending on the degree of detail, use the appropriate bit size and style to cut out the design. Any wood carving tools can be used for the detailed areas. Sand the edges until smooth. Use wood glue to fill in small holes.

Step 3

Paint or Finish the Panel Design

Paint grooves with a stain or paint. We used a stain tinted to the green wall color.

Step 4

Copy Design onto Walls

For a cohesive look, we painted the same design on the wall as we painted on the window panels. This design becomes artwork when the windows are covered.

Step 5

Install Wall Mount

The sliding door hardware is available in different sizes depending on the size of the wall. For installation of the track system, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. We hung ours at the ceiling line to give the illusion of more height in the room.

Step 6



From: House Crashers

Hang Window Panels

Attach panels to the track. Rubber or fabric bumpers can be placed behind the panels to protect the wall. Install handles to easily glide the doors across the track.