Gather Materials

Everyone loves a good Ikea hack and with the Lack side table coming in under $10 it is too tempting not to customize. We used black nail polish to paint the table and inexpensive cork rounds from the craft store to make the checkers. You can use a standard chess or checkers set or make a set like we did for any holiday or season. Find more Halloween decorating and party ideas

Step 1

Layout Pattern

A checkerboard has 64 squares in alternating dark and light colors. When determining the layout and size of the squares, leave a border around the perimeter of the table so that players have space to set the opponents pieces as they collect them. Use a ruler to layout your grid.  Once you have it set, lay down strips of masking tape in alternating stripes. 

Step 2

Tape Off Squares

Draw off squares on the masking tape. Once all the squares are drawn, cut every other square with a craft knife and place it directly above the place where you just cut. This will form your grid.

Step 3

Paint With Nail Polish

Painting laminate furniture is tricky business. Sure you can sand it and do all kinds of fancy prep work, but for small paint jobs, inexpensive nail polish is your best bet. 

Apply several thin coats of black polish to build up to opaque.  Your masking tape is acting as a resist for your darker colored squares.

Step 4

Peel Off Tape

Allow the nail polish to dry completely and then remove the masking tape. Use your craft knife to clean up any rough edges.

Step 5

Make Checkers

To make a set of checkers, use 24 small cork rounds that will fit inside the squares on your game board.  Paint 12 rounds one color and the other 12 another color (we did green and orange).

Step 6

Photo by: Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Themed Checkers

Decorate your checkers with paint markers, craft glue and googly eyes to give them a Halloween look.

Step 7

Photo by: Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Assemble Table

Screw the legs on your table and set up a game.