Ideas for Decorating a Mantel for Summer

Get tips on how to easily add style to the hearth this summer.
By: Crystal Ray

A roaring fireplace on a cold winter night is a comfort, and it is also a decorative part of the home. But when the warmer months arrive, the fireplace hearth sometimes becomes an empty dark shell and the mantel simply becomes a place for storing displaced knickknacks. However, the mantel can be decorated in honor of any season, and the following ideas will help you get started on decorating your fireplace mantel to help usher in summer while bringing the best of the season into the home. These ideas for decorating the fireplace mantel for summer are relatively inexpensive, and they will help you add decorating style and appeal during warmer summer months when fires are put on hold.

Decorating With Bamboo

Plants are ideal for display on the fireplace mantel during the summer months when hot crackling fires are nothing but a memory. Consider growing bamboo in a decorative container of your choice. Bamboo requires plenty of moisture to thrive, and it requires occasional feeding, but many varieties do not require a lot of light. The fireplace mantel is the ideal location when decorating with live low-light foliage.

Along with attractive containers of live bamboo, begin decorating the mantel with items of interest that offset the backdrop. For example, if the wall behind the mantel is white, consider selecting beautiful jade sculptures to go along with the bamboo theme. If the wall behind the fireplace mantel is dark and designed using brick or stone, select items of interest that are light in color such as smaller 3-D sculptures or tabletop works of art that are mainly white or another light hue.

Summer Candle Displays

Many people burn candles exclusively during the cooler months of winter. The flames cast a warm and inviting glow. However, candle displays are also ideal when decorating for summer, especially when decorating a fireplace mantel. Select unique candle holders and fragrant long-burning candles. Create a row of graduating heights, and light the candles on a dark night for romantic candlelight or the ambience of a fireplace. Even when the mantel is the only area illuminated by dancing flames, the fireplace will look grand, warm and exceptionally inviting, especially when the candles are placed in front of a framed mirror, which will double the amount of light.

Decorating With Sunny Outdoor Photos

When decorating the fireplace mantel for summer, put away winter or spring holiday decor, and display a few well-arranged framed photos in between favorite candle displays, foliage or eye-catching knickknacks. Select vacation photos, outdoor summer scenes that include friends or family members, or display scenic summer beach photos. What better way to bring a touch of summer into the home and onto the fireplace mantel than by decorating with memories of summers past? Sunny summer photos will instantly bring the fireplace mantel to life while bringing a touch of summer indoors and into an area commonly thought of as a place for winter decor.

Think of your favorite colors and designs of summer, and look for ways to add style to your fireplace mantel during the warmer months of the year. With plants, tabletop summer decor, creatively displayed candles and framed memories of past summers, you can begin decorating your fireplace mantel for the summer and make it a place for expression.

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