How to Turn an Old Window into a Dry-Erase Board

Need a place to write out your grocery list or share notes with family? Make a handy message board by upcycling an old single-pane window.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Window of Opportunity

We found a single pane window at a salvage yard for just $3. With just a little paint and a sheet of thin plywood, we were able to transform it into a dry-erase kitchen memo board.

Tools and Materials

To make a upcycled window message board, you will need: single-pane exterior window, piece of luan plywood, dry-eraser marker, small tack nails, two sample-size jars of paint, picture hanger kit/wire, table saw or jigsaw, hammer, tape measure, paintbrushes, sandpaper and a screwdriver.

Step One: Paint Background Color

Apply two coats of paint on a piece of luan plywood. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second.

Step Two: Cut Back Piece

Cut the luan to the exact size of the window’s frame. If you don’t have a saw, the hardware store can likely cut it for you.

Step Three: Paint Frame

Line the inside of glass around the frame with painter’s tape. Apply a coat of primer onto the raw wood of the window frame and then let it dry. Then apply two coats of paint, allow the first coat to dry before adding the second.

Step Four: Attach Back Piece

When the paint is dry, lay the window face down and place the luan face down on the back of the frame. Line up the edges and then fasten the laun to the frame using small tack nails.

Step Five: Paint the Edges

Sand and then paint the edge of the luan the same color as the window frame. Let dry and then add a picture hanger to the back.

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