How to Throw a Sprinkles Baby Shower

A sprinkle is a small scale baby shower in which guests "sprinkle" the new mom with the little necessities she needs for the new bundle of joy. It is typically not a full-blown "shower", but just a light sprinkling of gifts.

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer

You're Invited

Every mom deserves to be spoiled with the arrival of a new baby. This darling printable invitation design is perfect for a "sprinkle" baby shower. Click here to download this printable invite.

Sprinkled with Confetti

These paper wall dots add the perfect pop of color to the party! With a few basic supplies, you can make them in minutes and create a focal point for the celebration. Learn how to make a wall of confetti

Confetti Balloons

Need to liven up the party space? Just add gigantic confetti balloons. Fill giant, clear balloons with cut tissue paper and inflate. See how to make a giant confetti balloon

Sprinkle Heart Cake

A beautifully decorated cake can make a statement at any shower. Tie in with the theme by easily adding a heart filled with sprinkles to a basic white frosted cake. Place cake on a pretty pedestal for the perfect presentation. Click here to download the heart-shaped template and then get the instructions

Macaroons Sprinkled with Love

French macaroons are welcome at any celebration. Tie them into the theme by adding sprinkles in the shape of a heart. Not up for the challenge of baking macaroons? Buy them from your favorite bakery and add the hearts when you get home. All you need is a new, small paint brush, corn syrup and tiny colorful sprinkles. Click here to download the dessert tags.

Sweet Donuts

Who doesn’t love a donut? Easily jazz up store-bought plain donuts by adding icing and sprinkles. This is a perfect idea for a morning sprinkle.

Tower of Donuts

Stack the donuts on a cake stand, drizzle with icing, top with sprinkles and add this adorable printable "Sprinkled with Love" flag. Just download, print, cut and attach to a long lollipop stick with hot glue or tape. Click here to download the printable flags.

Garnish with Sprinkles

Rimming the glasses with sprinkles adds a decorative touch. Before pouring the beverage, paint the rim of the glass with corn syrup. Fill a saucer or bowl with sprinkles and holding the glass parallel to the work surface, dip the rim into the sprinkles. Tip: Test your sprinkles to be sure they don't stain your guests' mouths. If the colors run, be sure to serve the drinks with cute straws.

Signature Mocktail + Cocktail

One way to add a special touch to any occasion is to create signature beverages. Since it is baby shower, be sure to offer a non-alcoholic version for the mommy-to-be. Cherry lemonade (spiked or not) is the perfect pink drink for this theme. Click here to download the drink tags.

Game Time

What would a baby shower/sprinkle be without a little fun? This simple game challenges the guests to come up with as many words as they can using the letters in the words “Sprinkled with Love”. The longer the word, the better. Think quickly and write as many words down as possible before the timer runs out. Click here to download the game card.

Draw Straws Game

Add a twist to the classic game of drawing straws. Use cute paper straws that match the sprinkle colors. Cut straws in varying lengths and make sure one is shorter than all the rest. Have each guest draw a straw and the person with the shortest straw wins a prize.

Sprinkles in a Jar

A perfect parting gift for the guests are small jars filled with the same colorful sprinkles used throughout the party. Add sprinkles to a cute glass jar and attach a "Sprinkled with Love" label. Click here to download printable label.

Thank You Sweetly

Another great idea for party favors is to fill colorful bags with sweet treats like sprinkle cookies or candy and seal with a coordinating tag. Click here to download this tag.

Easy-Sew Baby Gift

Give the mommy-to-be a set of burp cloths to match the sprinkle. Just sew polka dot ribbon to basic cloth diapers and package with a printable gift tag. Click here to download these printable tags and get the instructions to make a burp cloth

Baby Love Printable Gift Tags

Top the gifts with coordinating "sprinkle" tags. A cute idea is to mail a tag with each invitation so guests can use them on their gifts. Click here to download these printable tags.

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