Step 1

Set Up Tank and Pump

To store supplies, attach "L" brackets to the 1" x 4" cut to go above the tank. Two screws are then attached to the bottom of the shelf so that a 6-outlet power strip can be attached (Image 1).

To set up this particular tank, attach an air wall tube on the lowest point on the back glass and attach the air hose from the pump (Image 2).

Step 2

Fill and Set Up the Tank

Coated aquarium gravel is added to the bottom of the tank (Image 1). The air wall tube and hose are covered.

Add plastic plants, then add the submersible heater to the side of the glass (Image 2). Position and secure with the attached suction cups.

Next, add the external box filter (Image 3).

Set the tank into the wall opening, add the glass canopy and set the aquarium light atop the tank. Plug the light in to test.

Fill the tank with water that's been mixed to about 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the tank is full, add the board to hide the band at the top of the tank.

Add the necessary chemicals to the water: a good dose of bacteria, followed by de-chlorination.

Prime the pump with some water from the tank. Plug in the heater and the air pump, and re-hang the doors (Image 4).

Step 3

Add Fish

Pro Tip

Float the fish — still in bags from the store