How to Put Together a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Treat your sweetheart to a relaxing morning with a romantic (and delightfully easy) breakfast in bed.

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Photo By: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Break Out the Good Stuff

As the old saying goes, presentation is everything! I find that’s especially true with a super simple concept like this one. An antique silver tray atop an old bench makes for an elegant display that feels instantly special. Use whatever you have access to (whether that’s a pretty tray, a cloth napkin, or a plate from that set of formal china that never gets used) to dress up your breakfast.

Read All About It

Bring your partner a fresh copy of their favorite newspaper or magazine to browse before the meal is served. You could even put on a good album or pop in one of their favorite dvds. This date is all about the little details that show you care.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Pick up a dozen roses from your local grocery store, and snip a few to display in a small bud vase on the tray. The rest can be used to create a larger arrangement to place on a desk or nightstand in the bedroom.

Bottoms Up

Who doesn’t love a mimosa? Nothing says “celebration” to me quite like champagne for breakfast. Toast your special someone with a custom cocktail, and be sure to pour a glass for yourself!

Sweet Simplicity

The beauty of this meal is that it’s so easy to create: a simple menu of pancakes, syrup, croissants and figs with honey is enough to start anyone’s day off right!

Hot Stuff

Even if you use store-bought maple syrup (and I’ll admit that I do!), heat it on the stove first. Then transfer it into a pretty container for a more luxurious feel.

From the Heart

Ordinary pancakes become extra special when they’re made in the shape of a heart! I used a custom cutter to create mine.

Nice Buns

A flaky croissant bun served with salted butter and raspberry jam is a deliciously-decadent morning treat.

Ring My Bell

A vintage hotel bell was a fun addition to my classic breakfast. You could use any sort of bell (even a jingle bell left over from Christmas) to adorn your tray. Tell your partner to ring if they need anything!

How Sweet It Is

Surprise your partner with a sweetly simple final course of figs and honey.

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