Paint on the Base Coat

Mask the edges of the wall with painter's tape. Apply a cream base coat to the wall, and let dry.

Step 1

Make the Paint-Texturing Tool

Create a paint-texturing tool with a cut-up chamois cloth. Cut the chamois into several strips, each about 2" by 4". Gather the strips in your hand, and wrap a rubber band around one end of the bunch to make a many-layered paint-texturing tool.

Step 2

Add the Glaze

Combine tan paint and glazing medium in a paint pan to create the desired color of the top-coat glaze (image 1). With a pouncing technique, use a foam brush to apply glaze along the edges of the first section of wall you'll be glazing (image 2). Use a paint roller to apply the glaze to the section of wall (image 3).

Step 3

Blot off Some of the Glaze

Dip the chamois painting tool in water and squeeze out the excess. Pat it on the wall to remove some of the glaze (image 1).

When the glaze starts to dry, press a damp cloth on the surface of the wall to soften the look (image 2).

Continue across the wall in this manner, applying glaze and texturing the surface with the chamois tool and then a rag. Work in small sections: glaze dries quickly.