We filled recycled glass jars with spiders, cotton ghosts, moss and branches to make Halloween terrariums. This is a great project to make with kids; they can fill their jars with a variety of scary trinkets and toys. Depending on the age of the children, you may want to use regular craft glue instead of a hot-glue gun.

Step 1



Prep the Jars

Remove the labels from the jars, clean and dry them. Use craft paint to paint the lids of the jars black. Gather all the items to fill the terrarium.

Step 2



Fill the Lid

Use a hot-glue gun to adhere the moss to the inside of the metal lid. Make sure that the moss does not touch the sides of the lid so you can screw the cap back on the jar. Dab parts of the moss with black paint.

Step 3



Prep the Branches

Cut the branches to fit in each of the jars and then paint them black, let dry.

Step 4

Add Decorations, Branches and Spiders

Cut small bat shapes or silhouettes of witches or other spooky shapes from cardboard and paint black, let dry. Or find the shapes on the internet and print out.

Adhere a branch or two in the middle of the moss with hot glue. You may have to hold it in place for a minute or two.  Then use thread to hang a spider — or spiders — off the branches, or you can glue spiders to the base of the branch. Add a bit of the cotton spider webbing to a couple of the twig branches.

Step 5



Make Ghosts

In the next jar, make a ghost using the cotton spider webbing. Glue it to the moss and paint the eyes and a mouth. Add a branch and some webbing.

Step 6

Place Lids on Jars

When your designs are complete, carefully place the jar over the top of the lid making sure not to move the pieces.