How to Make Customizable Thanksgiving Place Cards

Set your Thanksgiving table with style. Download one of our free printable designs, type in the names and print — it couldn't be easier.
By: Kori Clark

Herb Wreath

This classic looking banner design is perfect for a traditional-style table. As a setting for the banner, a 6-inch twig wreath was wound with fresh rosemary and thyme so it will smell as pretty as it looks. Download the banner template, type in your guests' names and then print. Use a small pair of scissors to cut out the banner shape. Then when setting the holiday table, lay the banner across the wreath.

Candy Apple Flag

This flag printable can be used in a variety of ways to create a stylish place setting. Start by downloading the PDF template to your computer. Add your guests’ names, print the flags on white cardstock then cut out each one. Place double-sided tape in the middle of the flag then wrap the flag around a lollipop stick, a pear stem, a straw or even the stem of a wine glass.

So Simple It's Automatic

When making the flags, you’ll notice when you type a name into one side of the flag template, it will automatically show up on the other side. This is so that the flags can point either way and still be read easily. If you have more questions about our editable designs, take a look at the detailed instructions.

DIY Place Cards for the Kids' Table

All kids love seeing their name in print. Have them color and decorate their own place cards. It will keep them busy while you get the meal on the table. Click here to download little turkey place cards.


These adorable little place card buntings will keep any table festive. Each mini bunting flag is for one letter. Type the letters onto the downloadable template, print on white card stock and then cut out the diamond shapes. Fold each diamond in two to make a triangle. Fold it across a piece of string or twine and attach in the middle with double-sided tape. We used a gold twist baker’s twine to coordinate with our tablesetting.

It's a Banner Day

These personalized banners look fantastic strung around a plate charger across a plate, but would also be adorable hung between two lollipop sticks. Click here to download the template.

The Finishing Touch

Complete your Thanksgiving table with printed place cards. Just fill in the name of each guest, or if you're serving buffet style, use these cards to identify each dish.

Autumn Chic

Sometimes the simplest of designs and settings can be the classiest. Try this honey-colored, Moroccan-inspired pattern to add the perfect accent. Click here to download.

Give Thanks

Olive Branch

If last Thanksgiving turned into a family feud, perhaps an offering of peace in the form of an olive brancn place card might be just the thing to mend the fences. Well, at least it’s a start, and it looks pretty. Download the template, the name will appear on the largest leaf. Use small scissors to cut around the branch, and leave a bit of white border to give the design a little more substantial feeling.

"Who" Wants Seconds?

This cute little owl on a woodgrain background would go perfect with either a rustic table setting or a '70s retro motif. Click here to download.

Gobble Gobble

Add some whimsy to the table with these cute baby turkey place cards. Click here to download.

Striped Pumpkins

For a more casual table, try a simple autumn motif. This place card could work at an adult's place setting as well as a kid's, but you can still get the kids involved by having them color all the place cards. Click here to download striped pumpkin place cards.

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