Cut the Bench Cushion Fabric

Measure the size of the foam cushion and cut two pieces of fabric accordingly (remember to add extra for the seam allowance).

Step 1

Cut and Attach the Cording

Cut the cording fabric on the bias for the cushion. Glue the fabric around the cord. Measure the circumference of the foam cushion. Cut a long strip of fabric the width and the circumference of the cushion. Sew the cord to the long strip on each side.

Step 2

Attach the Pieces of Fabric

Lay all the pieces inside out. Sew the other pieces of fabric to the corded strip. Make sure to leave an opening for inserting the foam cushion. Turn the fabric right side out, insert the cushion and pin and sew the fourth side in place.

Step 3

cut couch cushion fabric

cut couch cushion fabric

Cut the Couch Cushion Fabric

Cut two pieces of fabric to the desired size of the pillow, making sure to add extra for the seam allowance.

Step 4

Stitch the Fabric Together

Place the two pieces of cut fabric with wrong sides together and stitch around three of the four sides. On the fourth side, sew around the corners and leave an opening to insert the pillow form. Turn the fabric right side out and insert the form. Pin the opening closed and hand-stitch shut.