Step 1

Measure and Cut Cedar Planks

Use a tape measure and pencil to mark off the planks in twelve 20” increments. Use a miter saw to cut a 45-degree angle on all the ends so that when assembled they will neatly fit together. You will need three planks for each side of the planter box, twelve in total.

Step 2

Measure and Cut Frame Pieces

Mark, measure then use a miter saw to cut the 2x2 into four 15” pieces. These will be the interior, vertical corner supports for the planter box. 

Step 3

Assemble Side A

To assemble the first side of the planter box, lay three planks side by side on a flat surface, then center two vertical support boards along the inside of each mitered edge. Attach these boards to the planks with the nail gun. You can also run a bead of wood glue along the edge before nailing for extra strength.

Step 4

Assemble Sides B, C & D

Working from the bottom up, continue adding planks and 2x2s to build out the remaining sides. Fasten with a bead of glue and nail gun until box is complete. 

Step 5

Add Interior Bottom Rails

Measure, mark and cut two pieces of 2x2 that will serve as bottom support rails. Flip the box on its side and secure these rails to the inside of the planter box using a nail gun. 

Step 6

Attach Bottom Planks

Flip box upside down and attach three planks to the bottom rails using a nail gun. Be sure to leave a little space between the planks for drainage.

Step 7

Sand and Paint Box

Once the bottom planks are in place, flip the planter box over (right side up) and lightly sand with a fine-grit sandpaper. It’s best to paint or stain the planter box at this time. If painting, use an exterior paint that includes primer so the wood takes the paint well and is protected from the elements.

Step 8

Prepare for House Numbers

Using the house number template as your guide, first decide on placement, then pre-drill all holes with a 1/8” drill bit. Affix template to planter with painters tape for better accuracy.

Step 9

Attach House Numbers

Once all holes are pre-drilled, remove the template, then secure the house numbers to the planter box using a cordless drill and the provided hardware.

curb appeal front entry

Planter Box With House Numbers

Increase your home's curb appeal with a bold-colored planter box that also serves to identify your street number.