We modeled this headboard from one we saw in a popular home-decor catalog. It is very simple to build — standard-size lumber is fastened to a large piece of plywood, then the whole piece is painted white.

Step 1

Cut and Dry Fit

Cut all the pieces to size. (We are using king-size measurements for our project.) Lay out all the pieces to make sure they all fit together correctly.

Step 2

Attach the Outer Pieces

Apply adhesive on the back of one of the side pieces (49" 1x4) and adhere to left side of the MDF plywood. Repeat for the right side of the headboard.

Apply adhesive on the 73" 1x4 and adhere to the top of the MDF plywood; place it in between the side boards.

Step 3

Attach the Interior Pieces

Place adhesive on the back of an interior horizontal board and then place it on the plywood along the appropriate pencil marks. Apply adhesive on the back of an interior vertical board, place it against the horizontal board on the top and match it up with your pencil marks. Repeat the process until all boards are placed.

Step 4

Finish and Paint

After the adhesive has had time to set up, fill in all gaps with wood filler (follow manufacturer's recommendation for drying time). When the filler has dried, sand all areas until smooth. Wipe off all the dust and residue. Prime and paint the headboard.

Step 5

Attach Headboard to Bed Frame

Measure the distance up from the floor to the bolt holes on the bed frame and measure how far in the holes should be placed on the headboard. Drill holes in the headboard big enough for the bolts to pass through using the measurements. Attach the headboard to the bed frame with bolts, nuts and washers, and tighten enough to secure.