Step 1



Position Fabric and Pillow

Lay fabric pretty-side down and place the pillow in the middle.

Step 2

Fold Over Fabric and Tuck Raw Edge

Fold one side over to the middle of the pillow form (Image 1). Fold the opposite side of the fabric up. Tuck the raw edge under a few inches. Fold that piece half way down the pillow form (Image 2).

Step 3



Fold Sides Into Triangle

Fold the fabric on each side into a triangle like you would wrap a gift. Bring the point of the triangle across the pillow to the opposite side.

Step 4



Tie a Knot

Bring the opposite triangle to the middle of the pillow and tie the fabric into a pretty knot. Tuck in any raw edges and adjust as necessary.

Step 5

Finishing Steps

Tuck in any raw edges and adjust as necessary (Image 1). Enjoy your no-fuss, no-sew pillow with easy-to-remove fabric, which makes for easy cleaning (Image 2). Not to mention, you can change up the fabric for any season without tying your bank account up in knots.