Step 1

tiled table smash tiles

tiled table smash tiles

Two people with hammers break large tile into several pieces in various shapes and put them in the orange tray.

Break Tiles

Break tiles into manageable pieces with a hammer. Be sure to smash the underside of the tile so you do not scratch the surface.

Step 2

tiled table sort tiles

tiled table sort tiles

Various toned tiles in various shapes sitting on a wooden table.

Sort Tiles

Sort and arrange preferred tiles before spreading mastic on the table.

Step 3

Spread Adhesive and Set Tiles

Using a 3/16” trowel, spread mastic on the table, working in small sections to prevent drying, and begin arranging tiles (Image 1). Be sure to apply a little pressure to set the tiles. Use tile nippers to trim tiles to fit as needed (Image 2).

Step 4

tiled table grout

tiled table grout

Top view of colored tile table top with wood rim.

Apply Grout and Epoxy

After allowing the tiles to set and dry, spread grout between the tiles, and wipe of excess grout with a sponge. Allow the tiles to dry for 24 hours and then mix and pour epoxy over the entire tabletop. Allow to set for another 24 hours.