Not sure what to do with your fireplace when there’s no fire?  Make this decorative screen covered in log slices. We made it with a magnetic backing so that it can easily be attached and removed without the need for tools. 

Step 1

Gather Materials and Cut Plywood

Measure the opening of the fireplace. These measurements will determine the size of the plywood. For ease, the plywood can be precut to the desired dimensions at a big box store. We used 1/4” plywood because it’s sturdy enough for the wood slices to be glued on but not too heavy for the magnets to hold it in place. Our fireplace is on a corner, so we needed two pieces of plywood so that both sides would be covered. 

Step 2

Paint Plywood

Paint the front and sides of the plywood. The black paint will show in between the wood slices and mimic the shadows within a real woodpile. 

Step 3

Cut Slices

Cut branches into slices using a miter saw. We used birch for the black and white bark, but any type of wood could be used. For a natural look, cut slices between 1/8” and 1” thick. If you don’t have a miter saw, it’s easy to purchase pre-cut wood slices at a craft store in varying sizes to skip this step.

Step 4

Arrange Slices

Arrange the wood slices on the painted side of the plywood. Keep the wood slices close together for a more realistic look. When you’re happy with the arrangement of the wood, use wood glue to attach each slice. Let dry and do not stand this project up vertically for at least four hours.

Step 5

Add Magnets

When the glue is dry and the slices are stuck firmly to the plywood, flip the whole unit over. Extra-strong disk magnets are available online. Purchase enough to evenly cover the top of each screen, about 6” apart. Measure in advance and make sure to locate the magnets so they will line up with the metal frame on the fireplace, not the glass. Apply quick-set epoxy to the back of each magnet and press each one gently down onto the plywood. Wait overnight for the epoxy to bond to the wood before you hang your fireplace screen. 

Step 6

Attach to Fireplace

Line up the magnets with the metal on the fireplace and drop it into place. Magnets make it easy to remove the screen when you want to use the fireplace and to put the screen back on when not in use. Plus, this screen will add a charming, woodsy element into any room.