This project was very inexpensive to make. The picture frames were all purchased at a thrift store and the headboard frame was made from scrap lumber. We spelled out "sweet dreams" and embellished each letter with flowers. Create your own personalized message or spell out your child's name.

Step 1

Paint the Frames

Remove the glass and paper from the picture frames. Paint all frames the same color — we painted ours yellow. Apply two coats if necessary.

Step 2

Spell Out Your Message

Cut card stock paper to fit snugly into each frame. Print out large letters from a computer and trace them onto the paper. Paint each of the letters. Let dry and add flower stickers around each letter.

Step 3

Drill Holes in the Frames

Use a small drill bit to make two holes in the top of each wooden frame. Then screw in the small eye bolts.

Step 4

Place Letters in the Frame

Place the card stock and the glass in the frame and secure in place. Thread ribbon through each eye bolt, then tie in middle. Make the ribbon on each frame the exact same size.

Step 5

Make the Headboard Frame

Make the headboard frame from wooden boards. Cut two boards at 50 inches each for the horizontal pieces, and two boards at 60 inches each for the vertical side pieces. If necessary, paint the wood. Attach the horizontal and vertical pieces together on the back side using L-brackets.

Step 6

Lay Out the Frames

Lay out the picture frames in your desired locations. Pull ribbon to center and mark where nail will go on the horizontal pieces. Hammer nails into your marked locations.

Step 7

Nail Headboard Onto the Wall

Secure the wood frame to wall and nail into studs. Countersink the nails, then cover with wood putty and paint. Hang picture frames from the nails.

Joanne Palmisano is the author of Salvage Secrets (W.W. Norton, September 2011). Visit her blog, also called Salvage Secrets.