Duct tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and it is readily available at most craft stores — kids love it! A roll costs about $3 to $4 and you'll need about three to four rolls to make a headboard for a twin bed. You should be able to get a large piece of cardboard for free at a grocery or home improvement store.

Step 1

Determine Size

Measure the area behind the bed to determine the size of the headboard.

Step 2

Create Your Design

Draw out your headboard's design on paper. Determine what colors and patterns to use.

Step 3

Cut Cardboard

Measure and cut the cardboard to fit the size of the headboard.

Step 4

Start Laying Down Tape

Start your pattern almost one strip width in from the top of the cardboard. Take it to the other end and fold the tape over the back of the cardboard. Continue making stripes all the way across the cardboard.

Step 5

Create a Border

Place border around the edge of the headboard. Go over the edge of the cardboard so you can fold over 1/4 inch.

Step 6

Add Design in the Middle

We added the word "Go" to the center of our headboard. To create your own message, find the middle point on the headboard and work out on both sides, making sure the width and length of the letters are the same.

Step 7

Attach to Wall

Use small wire nails to attach the headboard to the wall. Place a piece of same-colored duct tape over the nail head to cover it.

Joanne Palmisano is the author of Salvage Secrets (W.W. Norton, September 2011). Visit her blog, also called Salvage Secrets.