Step 1

Install the Bracket

Install the small cube-shaped brackets into the inside corners of the window. One of the two open sides faces straight out, and the other toward the center (Image 1).

The blinds unit fits in the brackets with the strings facing toward the room (Image 2).

Secure the blind in the bracket with small plastic pieces that slide into the brackets.

Step 2

Attach the Wand

Attach the long plastic wand to the blind controller as directed in the manufacturer's instructions. The wand is used for opening and closing the blind slats.

Step 3

Adjust the Blinds to the Appropriate Length

The process of shortening the blinds is easy if you follow the instructions and diagrams that come with the blinds. Drop the blinds as far as they will go — so that the bottom rests on the windowsill to determine the appropriate length.

Remove the plastic retaining tabs from the bottom piece for adjusting the length (Image 1).

Next, slide out the larger bottom piece and cut the strings to the proper length.

Remove the excess slats and discard them (Image 2).

Replace the bottom piece into the last rung (Image 3).

The string ends are tied and pushed into holes under the last rung.