Measure the Area

To keep the drywall dust away from the monitors, install the speakers first. Measure from the wall to get the horizontal placement of the two outermost speakers. Then, measure down from the ceiling for the height.

Step 1

Cut Out the Speaker Shape

Use the templates that come with the speakers to trace the speaker shape onto the wall at the correct position (image 1). Use a drywall saw to cut the shapes (image 2).

Step 2

special tabs keep speaker positioned

special tabs keep speaker positioned

Install the Speakers

To install the speakers, attach the speaker wires. Insert the speaker into the opening and tighten it into place. Special tabs keep the speaker positioned. Once the speaker is in place, pop the front grill back onto the speaker.

Step 3

Remove Any Excess Base

Slide the TVs into position. Use a rotary tool to remove any excess base on both monitors.

Step 4

install tiny infrared emitters

install tiny infrared emitters

Install the Emitters

Install tiny infrared emitters to control all the TVs with one remote.

Step 5

secure frames around upper monitors

secure frames around upper monitors

Attach the Frames

Position the frames around the upper monitors and nail them into place.

Step 6

replace the back board

replace the back board

Replace the Back Board

Slide the plasma screen back board into the opening and against the back stops. Strike the barrel bolts with a hammer to mark the frame, and drill a hole at each of the marks. Replace the back board and tap the bolts into the holes to secure it. Add a few extra screws around the edges.

Step 7

Position the Plasma Screen

Attach the bracket to the back board mount, and connect the cables. Slide the plasma screen back into the opening.