Step 1

installing new pine trim

installing new pine trim

Create an End-point for the Log Pieces

Measure areas between the top of the doors and ceiling (in this example, that covers two corners). Then, measure the other two corners from floor to ceiling. Cut a 4 x 4 pine post to length. (This will prevent the logs from being mitered for the corners).

Place a short 4 x 4 post over the door, pre-drill holes on the sides, against the walls. Attach the post to the wall using 2" wood screws.

Step 2

add long post in next corner

add long post in next corner

Add a Long Post in the Corner

Add a long post in the next corner, using the same technique to secure.

Step 3

'Tack' 4x4 Posts Along the Walls

Pre-drill several locations along the sides of the room and "tack" the 4 x 4 posts into the correct locations for the siding to butt into.

Step 4

work around room to attach baseboards

work around room to attach baseboards

Install the Baseboards

Install the baseboards. Measure between the corners, then cut pine 1 x 6 to fit the space. Check for level, then use a pry bar to adjust as needed. Secure to wall with 2" trim nails. Work around the room to attach baseboards until completely installed.

Figure out the height from the top of the baseboard to the ceiling. Determine height of plank. Divide the height of wall area by height of plank. This will determine if you need molding installed near the ceiling. If the gap at the ceiling is greater than 3-1/2", simply rip the paneling to fit. Install without top trim. If less than 3-1/2", add trim for 2 x stock to fill the gap.

Step 5

Mark Studs Where the Log Siding Will Go

Next, use a stud finder to determine where the log siding will be attached. Use a marker to mark the studs from floor to ceiling.