Step 1



Plan Out the Rack

The rack in this project consists of vertical "trees," each with several horizontal pieces that will actually hold the bottles. Plan the exact layout based on the number and size of the bottles to be stored and the available space. Each tree consists of two long vertical pieces, with several short horizontal pieces running up and down each side like a ladder.

Pro Tip

Measure the bottles to make sure the compartments will be the right size. For this project, each bottle compartment measured 4" square and was 11-1/2" deep.

Step 2

Cut Vertical Pieces

Use a table saw to rip 1x6s in half lengthwise. Use a route table to round over the edges of the wood. Cut the pieces to the correct length and set aside.

Step 3

Cut Smaller Pieces

The bottles will rest on the small lengths of wood spanning pairs of vertical pieces. To cut these, rip 1x6s in half on the table saw, then rip in half again. Cut them to length, then use a router table to bull-nose one end of each piece (Image 1).

Pro Tip

When cutting so many pieces of wood, it's a good idea to use a jig. Carefully measure the cut for the first piece and attach a jig to the chop saw (Image 2). The cuts will go much more quickly than if each were measured individually.

Step 4



Assemble the Individual Trees

Lay out all of the vertical pieces side by side so they are even at the bottom. Measure and draw long, straight lines across all of the pieces to show where the horizontal pieces will go. Use wood glue and nails to build the individual trees.

Step 5

Prime and Paint the Trees

Prime and paint the trees as desired. Since this project includes so many irregularly shaped pieces, Karl used a paint sprayer. He also used tinted primer for better color coverage.

Step 6

Prepare the Backer Board

The wine rack will be mounted on a plywood backer that will attach to the wall. Cut the board to size, sand it and round off the edges with a router. Prime and paint as desired.

Step 7



Dry Fit the Trees and Assemble the Rack

Position the trees on the backer and adjust as desired. Cut spacer blocks to fit between the trees for easier assembly.

Assemble the rack. Position the first tree on the board and attach by driving screws up into the tree from underneath. For this project, the first tree was lined up with the side and bottom edges of the board. Install the other trees one at a time, using spacer blocks to keep the spacing even and correct.

Step 8

Trim the Board and Install the Rack

Use a nail gun to install trim all around the backing board.

Install the rack. Position the rack as desired. Make sure the rack is level and install by driving screws through the backing board into wall studs.