How to Host a Holiday Brunch With a Modern Bohemian Vibe

Natural elements, vintage dishware and copper accents are combined to create an elegant Christmas brunch.

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Throw a BoHo-Ho Brunch

Unexpected colors, mixed metals and artfully cooked food come together to create a modern, bohemian holiday vibe. 

Create Interest With Depth

Place settings love layers. Greenery, metallic finishes, sparkly glass and twinkling lights combine to make your guests feel both welcome and special. 

Add Earthy Elements

Small scraps of wood become personalized place cards with just a simple stamp. These were made using Lawn Fawn’s reusable rubber alphabets.

Style With Nature

This sweet floral crown can either decorate the table or the more adventurous guest can wear it at your festive brunch.

Sprinkle in Some Quirky Elements

Whimsical silver candlesticks give the table a more formal feel. As a rule, tall thin candles are better for dining. Low flames can be a danger to shirtsleeves and cloth napkins.

Break Out the Good Stuff

Vintage dishes set the perfect tone for this holiday feast. If you have a set tucked away, consider dusting them off and using them this season. 

Light It Up

Copper strings lights wind throughout the tablescape, providing a playful and romantic glow.

Don't Obstruct Conversation

While candles should be tall, shorter centerpieces allow for better visibility and conversation during the meal. These rich red flowers also add depth to the table’s palette.

Serve Everyone's Favorites

The only problem with these waffles is that they look too good to eat. This breakfast classic is a nostalgic and delicious addition to the table.

Don't Forget the Toppings

Crisp, juicy fruit always provides gorgeous and tasty color. The fresh cream resembles winter snow and creates a perfect little bed for the berries. 

Prepare Make-Ahead Dishes

This stunning scallion quiche is the perfect brunch fare. It’s hearty and filling, but also easy to serve and to eat. 

Make the Room Festive

Keep things light with winter white. The bright tree becomes the perfect backdrop for this earthy and unusual color palette. 

Serve Fresh Delicacies

Festive farm to table food has both a modern and traditional feel. These velvety tomatoes are the perfect vessels for rock shrimp salad. 

Bring Out the Details

With the right lighting, all subtle touches can be seen. The silver threads in this placemat glimmer in on the candlelit table. Instant festive feels. 

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