Step 1

Clamp the Two Units

To attach the hinges, the spacing needs to be correct between the bookcases. There are usually quarter inch spacers provided with the kit (image 1), and clamp between the two units (image 2). Make sure the tops are even when they are clamped into position.

Step 2

Attach the Hinge

Attaching the hinge is important to keep the shelves straight. Start at the top and put a few screws in there, at the bottom and center.

Step 3

pre drill holes for screws

pre drill holes for screws

Pre-Drill the Holes

Use a hole-centering bit to pre-drill one hole in the first screw hole at the top of the hinge. Pre-drill the holes for the screws. Don’t fully tighten the screws until they’re both in.

Step 4

tighten screws into hinge

tighten screws into hinge

Tighten the Screws

Fully tighten the screws into the hinge making sure that it is perfectly straight.

Step 5

Position the Door

To position the mounting brackets for the bookcase door, the pivot points of the threshold and the valence need to line up. The edge of the door needs to be flush with the trim (image 1). With the valance and threshold in place, make surethey are evenly spaced on both ends (image 2).

Step 6

mark threshold with tape

mark threshold with tape

Allow Space for the Trim

Mark the threshold with tape. Then, take off the valance and move it over 5/8 of an inch to allow for trim, and remark it.

Step 7

Secure the Threshold

Make the pilot holes in the threshold (image 1). It will be secured right into the subfloor, and then secure the threshold with 3" deck screws (image 2).